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Internal relocation

Internal relocation

What you need to know about moving between offices at OsloMet.
  • Changing office

  • Office Standards when moving in

    The office will be:

    • thoroughly cleaned
    • furnished
    • equipped with a computer monitor and a keyboard
    • equipped with two computer points
  • Moving larger groups

    Notify BIE.

    The leader of the unit / department must do the following:

    • Collect old keys and distribute new ones
    • Inform the group about who is moving in where
  • Furniture and accessories no longer needed

    Please contact BiE, via the contact form "Drift", if you have furniture or accessories that you no longer need.

    Please state what kind of furniture to be picked up, contact person and room number.

  • Moving from special rooms

    Please contact BIE well in advance. To plan facilitation, this process requires several meetings.

  • Shared classrooms

    Classrooms are standardised and inventory or equipment should not be moved between these rooms. Contact BIE if anything is missing or if the room does not meet your needs for teaching.