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Function description for the chemical database contact

Function description for the chemical database contact

Ansvar og oppgaver knyttet til drift av stoffkartoteket.

The chemical database contact has been given duties related to registration, updating, maintenance and use of the chemical database and the exposure register. The chemical database contact should be a local expert on chemical substances, regulations and the use of ECOonline.

In connection with the registration of new substances in ECOonline, the following must be done:

  • Substances with safety data sheets from the relevant supplier must be attached to the appropriate room.
  • Risk assessment of inherent properties can be ordered from superuser (link).

In connection with all purchases, the following information must be registered:

  • Date of purchase
  • Number of units purchased and size of package
  • Shelf life / expiry date of the substances that require it

Possible internal numbers and / or other information that the unit wishes to be able to monitor.

The chemical database contact enters the student exposures into the exposure registry.

The chemical database contact must keep the chemical database updated by

  • Registering all chemicals in ECOonline
  • Periodically checking self-registered safety data sheets for new versions and broken links
  • Deleting records for decontaminated substances and archive the paper versions of the safety data sheets
  • Registering relevant new users and remove those who no longer use ECOonline
  • Updating the location tree
  • Ensuring that there is a paper version of the safety data sheet for chemicals requiring labelling - if these are used
  • Conducting annual reviews

Other relevant tasks may be to

  • Take out overviews / reports on the chemicals registered in the unit in question as well as their hazard classification label.
  • Take out reports as a basis for substitution assessments and decontamination.
  • Ensure that the risk and substitution assessment is carried out in Ecoonline.
  • Assist in carrying out risk assessments of chemicals with regard to:
    • all employees and students
    • particularly vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, allergy sufferers, etc.
    • environment
    • danger of material damage
  • assist in considering substitution of hazardous chemicals with less hazardous ones when planning purchases.
  • help in properly  storing chemicals .
  • assist in following up the routines for disposal of chemicals related to
    • disposal of hazardous waste
    • chemicals that should not be stored over time without special monitoring
    • decontamination of substances that are no longer in use
  • assist with chemical information in connection with emergency preparedness work.
  • Provide training and information about the chemical database and the exposure registers.

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