Anvendelse av forskningsresultater og ideutvikling | Forskningsresultater - Ansatt

Exploitation of research results

Exploitation of research results

Do you need help in the process of exploiting research results and ideas originating from the research at OsloMet?

To ensure good application of research results and idea development, several services are offered to help employees in the process. Whether the results are to be commercialized, further developed or given away, OsloMet will be able to assist employees. 

The support includes:

  • Assessment of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) 
  • Securing of ownership
  • Funding schemes
  • Commercialisation process

Do you have an idea?

Read more about how OsloMet can help in the development of your idea.

All employees at OsloMet are required to notify about inventions. The notification obligation is met by filling out a DOFI form (Disclosure of Invention). The innovation team at OsloMet assists in completing the form if needed.


Gründergarasjen is a collaboration with Simula Research Laboratory, which gives ambitious entrepreneurs the opportunity to work in an office community together with other inspiring innovators. As a member of Gründergarasjen, you get a place to develop the idea from scratch for a viable company, completely free and up to 12 months.