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Exploitation of research results and ideas

Exploitation of research results and ideas

The value creation, innovation and entrepreneurship (VIE) section will help you in the process of exploiting research results and ideas originating from the employees’ work at OsloMet.

Oslo and Akershus is a region with a rapid population growth and in the coming years, the demand for labour will increase. An important part of the work will revolve around solving problems related to education, health, technology and environment, as well as being able to identify opportunities for the development of entrepreneurship and liberal professions within the cultural life. 

OsloMet’s role

OsloMet will contribute to value creation, innovation and entrepreneurship in the public and private sector by:

  • Contributing to research-based innovation and technology transfer to the public in cooperation with development actors and with regional work life in Oslo and Akershus
  • Increasing funding from the public funding scheme
  • Strengthening the students' skills in entrepreneurship and contribute in establishing more enterprises among OsloMet’s students and graduates.

The innovation process includes:

  • Inventor and resource persons
  • IPR assessment with ownership securing
  • Market and target group analysis
  • Business plan and financial assessments
  • Tools and support schemes
  • Commercialisation process

Feel free to contact us about you possibilities to develop your idea.

Notification forms

All employees at OsloMet are required to notify about inventions. According to the Copyright Act, in some cases computer programs and databases may also be subject to the notification obligation.

Examples of other results that may be notified of are ideas or physical material with opportunities for commercial exploitation, such as trademarks and design.

The notification obligation is met by filling out a DOFI form (Disclosure of Invention). The VIE team at OsloMet assists in completing the form if needed.

Notify of your idea (DOFI form)

IPR policy at OsloMet

Access to office at Tøyen Startup Village

Tøyen StartUp Village (TSV)  is an office community and a vibrant entrepreneurial environment in the heart of Tøyen.

OsloMet has partnered with TSV to offer innovative workplaces and networks as well as an inspiring environment to employees and students. OsloMet has access to 9  work posts in the Tøyen Startup Village (TSV) office community. It is also possible to rent the auditorium and the work bar for events and conferences. The offices in the office community are free and the auditorium and the work bar can be rented at a discounted price.

More information about TSV, the offices and how to book these.

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Commercialisation participants

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