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Erasmus+grant for staff exchange

Erasmus+grant for staff exchange

Information about calculation and rates for the Erasmus+ grant for staff exchange.
  • How much is the grant?

    The grant consists of two parts, a travel grant and a subsistence grant. The travel grant is stipulated on how far you are going to travel. The subsistence grant is stipulated on where you are going. 

    Please note that the subsistence grant is based on the duration of your stay abroad, and includes the days you are travelling. 

    The grant does not necessarily cover the true costs. Therefore, you must clarify any additional expenses and who will cover these with your Head of Section. The rates are the same for both the teaching grant and the training grant. 

  • Rates for travel grants

     The travel rates are calculated based on the distance you travel:

    • 0 - 99 km: € 20

    • 00-499 km: € 180

    • 500-1999 km: € 275

    • 2000-2999 km: € 360

    • 3000-3999 km: € 530

    • 4000-7999 km:  € 820

    • 8000 km or more: € 1500

    You calculate travel distance by using the European Commission’s Distance Calculator (

    When you are typing the name of the place, several suggestions appear in a drop-down menu. Please note that you must select from the menu, or the calculator will not work!

  • Rates for subsistence grants

    Your subsistence grant varies according to the country you are going to.

    For stays in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Sweden:

    1. Amount per day 1-14: € 112
    2. Amount per day 15-60: € 78

    For stays in Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Germany and Austria:

    1. Amount per day1-14: € 99
    2. Amount per day 15-60: € 69

    For stays in Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Hungary :

    1. Amount per day 1-14: € 87
    2. Amount per day 15-60: € 61

    If your visit lasts for 14 days or less, rate 1 applies. If your visit lasts for more than 14 days, rate 1 applies for the first 14 days, then rate 2 applies for subsequent days.

  • Green travel

    Travel in an environmentally friendly way when you go on staff exchange and receive additional Erasmus+ grant!

  • Calculation example

    You start your travel on Monday 8 September from one of OsloMets campus' to Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa​​​​​​​​, Portugal. You are holding lectures Tuesday and Wednesday (9-10 September). Thursday 11 September you are traveling back home. 

    The distance calculator shows that there is 2724,81 km from OsloMet Pilestredet to Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa. Thus, your travel grant will constitute 360 €. 

    The rate per day applicable to Portugal is 99 €. Thus, you will receive a subsistence grant of 396 € for the four days you are there (including travel days). 

    Total travel and subsistence grant: 756 €.