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Conflict management at OsloMet

Conflict management at OsloMet

Are you involved in a conflict? Have you experienced unwanted sexual attention or sexual harassment? Our conflict management guidelines provide advice and guidance in such situations.

Our employees should feel safe at their work place and they should be able to notify of unacceptable conditions. There must be room for different views and we must promote a culture of academic discussion in which individuals do not need to fear that conflicts and disagreements will compromise human dignity and health.

  • Conflict management guidelines 

    Conflicts must be handled as early as possible and at the right level in the organisation.

    A conflict can be defined as follows:

    Two individuals - an individual and a group - or two groups - are in conflict when at least one party experiences the other as an obstacle or as a source of frustration (Professor Ståle Einarsen, UiB).

    We are all responsible for safeguarding both our own and others’ working environment. Acts and agreements as well as the university's internal procedures and guidelines form the framework for this. 

  • Internal guidelines