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Changing office

Changing office

Checklist when you are changing office.

Lurer du på andre ting rundt flytting eller bytte av kontor, finner du mer info på siden Flytting.

  • Before moving - notify BiE

    Use our contact form and tell us 

    • When you are moving
    • How many moving boxes your need
    • From which room and building you are moving from and to
  • Bring with you

    • Laptop with docking and possibly mouse trapper
    • Headphones, data mouse and other personal data equipment
    • Alle personal belongings
    • Print and attach a moving label on top of each box you are moving.  

    NB! Du må selv koble fra og sette opp teknisk utstyr ved flytting, samt pakke ned og opp alle eiendeler.  

  • Leave behind

    • Furniture
    • Computer monitor and keyboard
    • Projector, smartboard or blackboard on the wall
  • Keys

    Your old office key must be delivered in an envelope to the P46 Service Center. Note the envelope with your name and office from which you move.

  • Waste disposal

    • Each floor have recycling stations with bins for paper and other waste
    • If there is furniture, equipment or anything else to be disposed of, for example electrical and metal waste, please contact BiE via the contact for "Drift".
  • Cleaning

    Please order cleaning of your old office via the contact form "Renhold og avfallshåndtering", as soon as possible after relocation. 

  • Electrical waste

    IT equipment can be delivered at the IT-servicedesk

  • Office sign