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Tools and support

Tools and support

Facility Management Support Service / Internal relocation

Changing office

Checklist when you are changing office.

Contact BiE

  • When to move
  • How many moving boxes your need
  • From which room and building you are moving from and to

You will bring this with you

  • Laptop with docking station
  • MouseTrapper
  • Special fixtures            

Attach a moving label on top of each box you will take with you to your new office.                           

Leave this in the room

  • Furniture
  • Computer monitor, keyboard and speakers
  • Projector, smartboard or blackboard on the wall


Your old office key must be delivered in an envelope to the P46 Service Center. Note the envelope with your name and office from which you move.


  • Please send a notification about the internal relocation to BiE via the contact form "Renhold og avfallshåndtering", so that the office can be cleaned up after moving
  • Empty cabinets and drawers
  • You must disconnect yourself PC/monitor, mouse, webcam, headset, and other technical equipment that you are going to carry with you

Waste Disposal

  • Each floor have recycling stations with bins for paper and other waste
  • If there is furniture, equipment or anything else to be disposed of, for example electrical and metal waste, please contact BiE via the contact for "Drift".

Office sign

Template for office signs.