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Central HSE activities

Central HSE activities

Systematic HSE activities at the business level.


The unit for HSE must

  • prepare and maintain OsloMet's HSE system
  • prepare and maintain a central overview of regulations and supervisory authorities
  • prepare the overriding annual cycle for the HSE work
  • prepare and revise necessary guidelines
  • draw up a training plan
  • ensure that changes in the HSE system are communicated to the rest of the organisation


Departments in the central administration with central support functions must perform business-overarching HSE tasks within their areas of competence and responsibility.

Follow up

Control, evaluation and HSE audits

The unit for HSE analyses registrations and follows up non-conformities (accidents, close call incidents and HSE non-conformities).

The unit for HSE carries out annual HSE audits of the systematic health, safety and environmental work in collaboration with the units, and assesses whether everything works as it should in practice.

The HSE audit must quality assure the systematic HSE work and ensure that flaws and shortcomings from previous audits have been followed up.

The unit for HSE prepares an audit plan indicating the program and schedule for the audit. Reports are sent to the faculties / central administration.

HSE non-conformities identified in the HSE audit are handled as non-conformities.


The unit for HSE prepares a joint report for the HSE audits that will be attached to OsloMet's annual HSE report to the board.

Departments in the central administration responsible for central support functions report annually to the Unit for HSE.

OsloMet's annual HSE report is prepared by the Unit for HSE, based on the unit's reports and analysis of the systematic HSE work.

Improvement (management review at the business level)

OsloMet's top management must review OsloMet's HSE system to ensure that it is appropriate, adequate and effective.

The management’s review should dientify priority areas and include any needs for changes to the overriding objectives and other elements of the HSE system. The review must be based on HSE documentation, reporting, revision of the HSE system, altered conditions and the commitment to continuous improvement.

The Unit for HSE collects and processes the background material.

The management’s review must be documented.



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