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Tools and support

Tools and support

Contact points for help

The Auditorium Support

The Auditorium Support is a service for lecturers or other staff using the standard audio/video equipment in auditoriums, classrooms and meeting rooms at OsloMet. In addition to support on how to use standard AV-equipment we provide technical advice and guidance regarding upgrades of AV-equipment.

Do you need help?

For immediate assistance dial (6723) 5555 to contact us.

  • Primarily we will try to solve your problems over the phone and expect the necessary cooperation. If we still are unable to resolve any issues one of support staff crew will come to help you on site.


Opening hours

  • Monday to Friday from kl. 08.00 to 15.30 (in summer time only until 15.00) 


  • Classrooms are defined as rooms available for booking for any department via TP rombestilling.

Maintenance and usability

  • The Auditorium Support provides maintenance, troubleshooting and set up of relevant audio/video related equipment.
  • The Auditorium Support strives for standardized and easy to use facilities. Thus a user with the required basic knowledge should be able to use the relevant AV-equipment without assistance from us.


  • The Auditorium Support service offers classes on how to use the standard audio and video equipment in our classrooms.
  • We also offer one-on-one guidance by appointment.

We expect that our teaching staff has the required basic knowledge to independently use the equipment needed for their purpose. In case you need some help with training, we kindly request you to make an appointment with our Auditorium Support service well in advance of your lecture.