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Responsible Research and Innovation at OsloMet

Resources for doing Responsible Research and Innovation at OsloMet (RRI@OSLOMET)

OsloMet har hatt fokus på å styrke forskning og innovasjon, men hvordan sikre at vår forskning og innovasjon er ansvarlig? Hva er ledernes og de ansattes ansvar i praksis? Hvordan jobbe med dette?

OsloMet har samlet en rekke ressurser om ansvarlig forskning og innovasjon (Responsible Research and Innovation, RRI) for ledere og ansatte på disse websidene. Ressursene som er samlet her skal bidra til god forskningspraksis relatert til forskningsetikk og redelighet, åpen tilgang og åpen vitenskap, respekt for mangfold, og interaksjon med samfunnsgrupper. Sidene er på engelsk da stadig flere studenter og ansatte på OsloMet ikke behersker norsk og vi ønsker at ressursene skal være tilgjengelige for alle. En del av ressursene det er lenket opp til er på engelsk da de er utviklet av i engelskspråklige prosjekter. Andre er på norsk og utviklet lokalt.

This website contains resources for Responsible Research and Innovation at OsloMet. Please follow the links for more information.

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Doing Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) at OsloMet

In line with OsloMet’s vision of delivering knowledge to solve societal challenges and its value based aim to be a learning, innovative (interdisciplinary and anticipatory) and diverse organisation, the University supports RRI as an overarching concept for responsibility in research and innovation. For OsloMet, this means that ethical reflection and anticipation shall be embedded in research and innovation processes and that in such processes staff shall seek to involve users, stakeholders and society in general to strengthen relevance and trust; that the University shall facilitate and encourage the broader access to research results by the broader community of researchers, a broad spectrum of interested parties and society in general; work to ensure diversity and gender balance in research and innovation; and further develop the focus on dissemination by facilitating two-way communication and strengthening the understanding of science in the population.

Why talk about RRI? RRI is an important policy framework in Norway and the European Union which aim to open up science to society, ensure that research and innovation is carried out in line with public values and public interests, and conducted in a fair process with quality and integrity. See the European Commission’s RRI approach and the Research Council of Norway’s RRI approach. Research and innovation change the world, and as researchers and innovators we need to be reflective about our activities and responsive to feedback.

RRI is an ambition and institutional goal that relies on staff implementing the dimensions of this framework in ways that make sense in their research and innovation context. There is no one-size-fits-all approach or straitjacket that everyone must apply, – except in the case where regulation applies, for instance with regard to ethical requirements.

These pages provide resources for staff at OsloMet that can be useful in their own research and innovation projects, for leaders implementing such values among their co-workers, as well as in the educational programs. They consist of a collection of resources already developed at OsloMet as well as resources gathered from other institutions and webpages (most prominently the European RRI Tools project), which can be just as useful for OsloMet employees and students:


Open science:

Gender equality and diversity:

Public engagement and stakeholder involvement:

Science education:

Sometimes governance is also seen as an aspect of RRI


About the holistic concept of RRI 

Educational resources

Are you teaching colleagues or students about RRI? Are you organising a reflection workshop in your research group? Many educational resources are available (in English) for you!

  1. Educational resources by topics
  2. Educational resources by target groups

Educational resources by topics

About RRI in general:

Tools for reflection on values and assumptions in ones own research and innovation projects:

How to include RRI in your research and innovation proposals and projects

Training in research ethics

Doing societal engagement

Train the trainers resources

Educational resources by target groups

Bachelor students

Master students: The European Heirri project’s training programs for master studentsstudents

PhD students: The European Heirri project’s training programs for PhD students

All staff and students involved in research and innovation:


See in general:


For questions regarding research ethics, contact ?

For questions regarding open access and open science, contact Tanja Strøm

For questions regarding diversity policy and practice, contact Vibeke Horn

For questions regarding public engagement and science education, contact Sverre Molandssveen

If you are interested in lectures or presentations on the concept and practice of RRI, contact the OsloMet Research group on Responsible Innovation.