Leading research projects: Introductory course


Leading research projects: Introductory course

Over the last few years, the amount and size of research projects at OsloMet have increased. This development is central for the future of the university, and it is therefore essential that we develop the project leadership skills at out institution. An increased size and number of projects will demand more from those who lead the projects. We know that it can be challenging to separate the work you do connected to research, and the work that needs to be done as a leader. The two elements are tightly connected, but if we want to succeed with our projects, we need to be able to handle both. The research project leader must facilitate shared ambitions and cooperation between the members of the project group, create good processes that prioritizes goals, resources, and the deliveries of the research project. Through the introductory course in research project leadership, we at OsloMet want to contribute to your development and make you better prepared for this role.



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Target group

The introductory course is created for you who lead or are going to lead research projects, no matter the size, and want to learn more about how you handle the role as a project leader.

Content and methods

The introductory course is designed to introduce fundamental concepts, perspectives, and practical tools to develop the project leader’s skill set.      

This course will run over two one-day seminars covering:

  • Understanding leadership in research projects

  • Understanding individual motivation and facilitating shared ambitions and cooperation between the members of the project group

  • Project leadership – best practice and tools: Goal setting, Follow-up, Resources, Risks, Stakeholders, and Time management

Activities to support learning

  • Home assignment: Individual mini case
  • Learning groups where the participants share experiences, discuss, and work with different tools and cases


Seminar one: June 1, 2023

Seminar two: June 15, 2023

Language: English / or Norwegian and Danish if all participants speak Norwegian

Application: Use the link above to apply by May 12, 2023.

If there are more applicants than places, the faculties will be asked to prioritize.

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