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Kurs i norsk arbeidsliv og kultur med Lorelou Desjardins

Picture of speaker Lorelou Desjardins

Kurs i norsk arbeidsliv og kultur med Lorelou Desjardins

Kurset holdes på engelsk og tar for seg normer og kulturforskjeller i arbeidsliv og fritid. Vi oppmuntrer ansatte som jobber tett på internasjonale ansatte å delta for å få gode diskusjoner.



OsloMet, Pilestredet 46, Kurs og konferansesenteret

Kurset holdes på engelsk. Se engelsk kursbeskrivelse:

Can you name the 4 most important values in Norwegian society, which also apply to Norwegian working culture? Do you know the difference between the way professors and students talk to each other in Norway and in your home country? Have you noticed Norwegians at work don't like conflict?

We hope that this workshop will give practical insights into what you can expect in Norway and help you to improve your skills in communicating with your Norwegian colleagues and leaders. It will also give you tips to build a social network and make friends in Norway. 

In addition to non-Norwegian researchers and staff, we seek Norwegian participants who can provide and represent a Norwegian perspective in group tasks and who want to learn about how non-Norwegians may perceive Norwegians at work."


Course leader:

Lorelou Desjardins is a French jurist and writer who has lived and worked in Norway for 12 years. In Norway she is known for her popular blog (A Frog in the Fjord), book and newspaper writings about life as a foreigner in Norway and how to understand Norwegian culture. Desjardins has lived in eight different countries and speaks English, French, Norwegian, and Indonesian.