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Research Career Day 2019

Research Career Day 2019

Pilestredet 32 Andrea Arntzen's house, 2nd floor, Lille Auditorium

Welcome to the Research Career Day

Registration starts at 08.30. Program starts at 9 am sharp. Program ends at 15.00

OsloMet invitesresearchers at all levels, professors andPhD candidates  to the Research Career Day 2019.

Although an academic career might be the obvious choice for many researchers, we know that an increasing number pursue careers outside of academia. Choices you make during your early research career will have an impact on your future career.

The aim of this career day is to increase your knowledge and awareness of career options, career development and your employability, whether you aim for an career within or outside of academia.

Key speakers include Creativity and Learning Expert Tobias Degsell, Professor on Digital Innovation Tale Skjølsvik, and Jessica Dimka, postdoc researcher and top score applicant for the MSCA scholarship.


9.00: Welcome and introduction

  • Speakers include Rector Curt Rice, Vice-rector Per Martin Nordheim-Martinsen and PhD forum at OsloMet

9.30-10.00: Career options and career counselling at OsloMet

  • Career counselling at OsloMet: services and tools for PhD candidates
  • What competencies do we look for in researchers employed by us and what kind of positions do doctoral candidates hold? Short presentations by employers outside of academia.
  • PhD alumni: My path from PhD to assistant professor

10.00-10.20: Coffee break

10.20-12.00. How to build a research career?

  • Building a CV for a research career – what should I aim for?
  • Publication strategy
  • Research mobility

12.00-13.00: Lunch – including stands

13.00-14.15: Transferrable skills and competencies

  • Research communication in social media
  • Courses in transferrable skills for OsloMet researchers and other career development programmes at OsloMet.
  • Competencies gained during my PhD: awareness of both academic and generic/nonacademic skills

1400 - 1500: Guest speaker of the day

Registration required. Sign up for the Research career day.