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Wireless network

Wireless network

If you have a user account on OsloMet you can connect to the wireless network "eduroam" on campus. Our guests connect to the wireless network "OsloMet Guest". Order Wi-Fi access for your attendees on courses or conferences on campus.

Connect to eduroam - Wi-Fi on campus

1. Connect to eduroam

  • In the list of networks, select the network "eduroam".

2. LoginID

  • Login ID:
  • Password: OsloMet password.
  • Please download the eduroam profile with certificate for secure connection on your mobile device.


Connect to eduroam – Wi-Fi / wireless network

Before you start using the service, read the guidelines for using the wireless network eduroam at OsloMet.

Download the eduroam profile certificate for a secure connection.

Wi-Fi for Android and iOS (iPad and iPhone).

Wi-Fi for Windows.

Wi-Fi for MacOS.

Wi-Fi for Linux - select Linux in the list (

Problems with the eduroam connection?

You may have trouble connecting your computer to eduroam at OsloMet after changing your password.

The solution is to delete the eduroam profile stored on your computer as it saves your old passwords.

Delete the eduroam profile for Windows 10.

Delete the eduroam profile for MacOS.

Connect to the wireless guest network "OsloMet Guest" by shorter stays

The wireless guest network "OsloMet Guest" is for guests/visitors without a user account on OsloMet. 

Note! Students and staff with a OsloMet username (or students/staff from other universities), must select the wireless network "eduroam".

Connect to the wireless guest network "OsloMet Guest".

The guest orders a password via the SMS service on the self service portal.

The guest account is valid for 12 hours and can be used on up to three – 3 – devices. I.e. you can log in to three different mobile devices.

The service costs NOK 2,-.

Order wireless network for a course or conference

Wireless network for course or conference

You can order a separate wireless network for attendees at a course or a conference at OsloMet.

Order a wireless network for a course/conference.

Please note: Book at least two days in advance!

Guest account for visitors

Guest accounts for visitors, such as guest speakers. The guest account is valid up to 1 month.

IT Service Desk

IT Service Desk