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Resources in research ethics

Resources in research ethics

Here you will find links to other websites that can provide you with good examples and knowledge in various subject areas.

Casebook on Ethical Issues in International Health research, WHO (2009)

The content of the book is about health, but the themes are general and should therefore also be of interest to those working within other disciplines.

Casebook on Ethical Issues in International Health research is written by Richard Cash, Daniel Wikler,Abha Saxena og Alexander Capron and deals with issues like:

  • I Defining "Research" - When must an ethics committee´s approval be sought?
  • II Issues in Study Design - Designing scientifically (and ethically) sound studies?
  • III Harm and Bebefit - Are research benefits and harms fairly distributed?
  • IV Voluntary Informed Consent - Is consent to research voluntary, knowing, and competent?
  • V Standard of Care - Whose standard?
  • VI Obligations to Participants and Communities - How far do researchers´ and sponsors´duties extend?
  • VII Privacy and Confidentiality - Who controls access to information?
  • VIII Professional Ethics - What to do when loyalities are divided? How should research misbehaviour be defined and policed?

Learn research ethics from film (student resource)

A dramatic story told through one of the largest directors in the Netherlands: Leiden University has made film out of research ethics.

The film is used in teaching to introduce students to potential challenges they may experience during their research career.

You will find more information about the film and link to the film on the website of the National Research Ethics Committees (In Norwegian only).