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Request a literature search

Request a literature search

Librarians from the University Library can assist you with systematic and documented literature searches for your review article or other research projects.

Advanced and systematic literature searches for review articles or other kinds of literature studies are often time consuming and demand specific knowledge and skills concerning search functionality and databases. The University Library offers a service where librarians develop and execute systematic literature searches in close cooperation with the researchers for a fee. The development of the strategies and the searches are usually performed by one or two librarians (academic librarians/special librarians).

We will provide

  • Suggestions for relevant databases and other sources.
  • Execution of a complete, systematic literature search.
  • A peer-reviewed and documented search strategy.
  • Search results in your preferred format, e.g. EndNote-library.

Additionally, we may provide

  • A draft of the (planned) literature search for grant applications.
  • A draft of the methods section in your article or report.
  • PRISMA-flow chart.
  • Citation searching for included studies.

You must provide

Initial information about:

  • Your research project.
  • Search words relevant to your research question.
  • Databases of relevance that you are aware of.
  • Relevant limitations.
  • Relevant articles.
  • Any other issues of relevance for the literature search.

Throughout the process we will need

  • Your input on search words and limitations based on initial searches.
  • Your assessment of the relevance of the results.

Extensive and systematic literature searches for e.g. systematic reviews are very time consuming and go beyond the ordinary services that the library offers. The fee for the extensive literature search services is 686 NOK/hour. 


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