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Board election at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design (TKD)

On 01.01.2020 the Faculty Board at TKD was introduced. Most representatives are elected until 31.07.23, but the representative of the temporary staff shall be elected once a year.

Election of representative for temporary teaching and research staff

We will elect a permanent representative and a deputy representative for the temporary teaching and research staff (including PhD Candidates) for the period 01.08.20-31.07.21. 

The reason why a new election is being held when the incumbent representatives of temporary UF staff have only held office for six months is that the first board election was postponed.

The election period is from Tuesday 12 May to Sunday 24 May this year.

Candidates to the board election of temporary staff in teaching and research positionsat the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design (TKD) the Spring 2020.

The deadline for nominating candidates for the election was April 24 at 12:00.

You nominate candidates from this link:

In order for the candidate you propose to be eligible as a temporary employee in a UF position for the Faculty Board, she or he must meet certain criteria.

For information on who can nominate and vote in the election, as well as who is eligible, see "How to nominate candidates?" and "Who is eligible to vote, and who can be elected?" 

More about the Faculty Board of TKD.


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