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Translation and proofreading

Translation and proofreading

How to order translation from Norwegian into English or proofreading of English texts.
  • Order translation from Norwegian into English or proofreading of English texts

    If you need to order a translation of a Norwegian text into English or proofreading of an English text, you may contact the purchaser at your unit (login required). Before you contact the purchaser, please make sure that you know the number of words of the text in question.

  • Proofreading of scientific articles

    The copy editing included in the current framework agreement with Allegro Language Services includes language check (wording, grammatical errors, word flow etc.), not academic editing. If this is what you need, you can order the language check through the framework agreement. If you want to order academic editing, you may use another provider until further notice. Please note that all employees are obliged to use the framework agreement for services included in the current agreement.

    Please contact the purchaser at your unit to order academic editing of your text.

  • Translating examination question papers

    You should preferably translate examination question papers  yourself. However, if you need help from the translation agency, you should send the question paper to the agency through a secure solution. Please send an e-mail to if you need to order translation of a question paper.

  • Additional information when ordering translation and proofreading

    • If you want the agency to use specific terminology when translating or proofreading your text, please remember to include relevant references in your order.
    • Please include information on whether or not you would like the agency to proofread the reference list.
    • If your text is to be published in a specific journal, please state which journal in your order.
  • Prices and time of delivery

    Translation and proofreading through Allegro Language Services:

    • The price for a translation is calculated by number of words in the Norwegian text. The price per word becomes lower when the text is longer. 
    • The price for proofreading is calculated by an hourly rate set in  the framework agreement. To estimate the price, you can presume that the proofreader will read 1000 words per hour.
    • The time of delivery for translations and proofreading is set in the framework agreement. Please contact the purchaser at you unit for more information.  

    Academic editing through other suppliers:

    The price and delivery for academic editing through other suppliers must be agreed upon in each individual case.

  • Not satisfied?

    Once you have received the translation or the proofread text from the agency, it is very important that you read through the document as soon as possible.

    • If you have any questions regarding the text or if you are not satisfied, you must contact Allegro Language Services as soon as possible.

    • Allegro Language Services is obliged to deliver services in accordance with the conditions stated in the framework agreement with OsloMet. Please contact the purchaser at you unit if you have any questions relating to the conditions.

    • If you have ordered academic editing through other suppliers, you must contact the relevant supplier as soon as possible.

  • Who can you order translation or proofreading from?

    If you want to order translation from Norwegian into English or from "bokmål" into "nynorsk" (the Norwegian language variants), you must use OsloMet’s framework agreement with the translation agency Allegro Language Services. This also applies if you want to order proofreading of texts in English/ "nynorsk". You order your translation/proofreading via the purchaser at your unit. The framework agreement applies to both administrative and scientific texts. Exception: If you want to order academic editing, you may use another provider until further notice.