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Translation and proofreading

Translation and proofreading

How to order translation or proofreading of texts in Norwegian and English through OsloMet's provider Semantix.
  • Order translation of texts into Norwegian or English

    To order translation of a Norwegian text into English or an English text into Norwegian, you need to contact the purchaser at your unit (login required). Before you contact the purchaser, please make sure that you know the number of words in your text. 

    If you want Semantix to use specific terminology when translating your text, please remember to include relevant references in your order. It would also be helpful if you include the target group and other information that may be relevant for the translator. 

    The price is calculated by number of words in the text. Please contact your purchaser for more information.  

    The time of delivery is 1-5 days, depending on number of words. The time of delivery is included in the confirmation of order, which you will receive within 1 day after your purchaser has sent the order to Semantix. If you need to clarify time of delivery in advance, please contact Semantix.  

  • Order proofreading of administrative texts

    To order proofreading of an administrative text, you first need to contact Semantix and ask for a price estimate. The price for proofreading is calculated by an hourly rate set in the framework agreement.  

    Once you have received a price estimate, you may contact the purchaser at your unit (login required),who will order the proofreading for you. Please include the quotation number you have received with your price estimate when you contact the purchaser. Please note that Semantix will not commence the order before they have received the order from the purchaser. 

    The time of delivery is 1-5 days, depending on number of words. The time of delivery will be included in the price estimate from Semantix.

  • Order proofreading of scientific articles

    If you want to order academic editing of your scientific article, you may use other providers than Semantix. However, Semantix does have designated resources for this purpose, so you may also order academic editing through Semantix. 

    To order academic editing, please contact the purchaser at your unit (login required).

  • Examination question papers and other sensitive information

    You should preferably translate examination question papers yourself. However, if you need help, you may send the question paper to Semantix through a secure solution. This also applies if your text includes sensitive information.  

    To order the translation, please contact the purchaser at your unit (login required). Once the purchaser has ordered the translation, you need to contact Semantix for more information on how to download your document. 

  • Other languages than Norwegian and English

    If you want to order translation to/from other languages than Norwegian and English, you may use other providers than Semantix. You must obtain price estimates from three different providers, Semantix may be one of them. This also applies if you want to order proofreading/copy editing of texts in other languages than Norwegian and English.

  • Not satisfied?

    Once you have received the translation or the proofread text, it is very important that you read through the document as soon as possible. If you have any question, please contact Semantix

    If you have ordered translation/proofreading from another provider, you must contact the relevant provider as soon as possible. 

  • Contact information

    If you have any question relating to the framework agreement with Semantix, please contact Benedicte Solheim.

    You may contact Semantix by sending an e-mail or telephone+47 404 01 243.