Studentevaluering med bruk av "runder" - Ansatt

Student evaluations by use of “rounds”

Student evaluations by use of “rounds”

Rounds means that time is set aside during lectures so that all students in turn can give feedback on key aspects of the studies.

Rounds should only be used as a supplement to other forms of evaluations. This is because the students must be given the opportunity to give an anonymous evaluation of the course. It is important that students who do not wish to participate are allowed to opt out.

This form of evaluation is easy to carry out but can be demanding in larger student groups. It is therefore best suited for smaller student groups

Advice for practical implementation

  • Involve the students in the planning of the evaluation and the preparing of questions.
  • Carry out the evaluation midway through the course so the that the students have had enough time to gain some experience.
  • You may want to do the evaluation in the beginning of the day so that as many people as possible are present.
  • Announce the evaluation in advance, possibly with an agenda, so that students have the opportunity to think through their perspectives. 
  • Students must be allowed to pass up on the opportunity to give feedback and to repeat something someone else have said. Participants must also be allowed to give feedback without other people commenting on their input.
  • Students who do not wish to give feedback can contact the student representative or teacher directly to share their views.