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Our OsloMet

Our OsloMet


Strategic campus development

According to HiOA's Strategy 2024, we will develop modern university campuses that open for new forms of learning and collaborating and with room for more students. We will further develop the buildings in an environmentally friendly direction.

In the years to come we expect our number of student to increase which means that we must run our business in a more area-efficient way. HiOA's teaching, research and administrative work take place in rented buildings subject to time-limited leases, thus long-term planning is necessary when deciding how allocate land so as to best meet the institution's needs.

HiOA has three lease agreements: In Pilestredet, at Kjeller and in Sandvika. The lease agreement at Kjeller will expire in 2023, and the HiOA Board has decided to develop a new HiOA campus centrally located in Lillestrøm. The new campus is built on the condition that it is situated within walking distance of Lillestrøm Station, that it offers innovative and flexible solutions and opportunities for expansion, and that it is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective construction. More about campus Lillestrøm.