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Tools and support

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Service cars

OsloMet has two service cars available to its employees on campus Pilestredet. Here you will find information about booking a service car.

Service cars

A two-seater van and a seven-seater car are located in the basement of EuroPark’s parking palace at Frydenlund, and are available to employees from Monday to Friday.


  • The cars are registered as resources in Outlook.
  • Search for "Peugeot Varebil" or "Peugeot Syvseter" in Ooutlook
    • Enter the current time period for which the car is to be borrowed
    • Enter your name and mobil numbre in the subject field
    • After booking, you will immediately receive an email with a message if the booking is approved or not

If you wish to use a service car on weekends or in holidays, a request should be directed to Brukerstøtte i Eiendom, contact form "Andre henvendelser".


  • The keys and the logbook are handed out and must be delivered at the Main reception, Pilestredet 46 ( 8.00-15.00)
  • Upon handing in the keys and logbook after closing, please put these in the mailbox outside the post office
  • All users of the cars must keep a logbook and register:
    • time and mileage at the beginning and end of the drive
    • the purpose of the trip,
    • fuel level upon delivery,
    • registration of a any accidents along the way.
  • Please return the car after use according to booking.
  • If you need to deliver it later than agreed upon, contact the Main reception, phone  6723 6000 / 6723 7943.
Please note
  1. The service cars can only be booked / used for service purposes
  2. The offer is for employees only

Related questions can be addressed to Brukerstøtte i Eiendom, contact form "Andre henvendelser".