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Student administration / Internationalisation

Section for internationalisation

Are you interested in Section for Internationalisation's area of expertise and wonder who is responsible for what? Look no further!

Our responsibilities

  • Advisory body for the management and the faculties.
  • Coordinating international agreements and programmes with other educational institutions and organisations.
  • Information and guidance for  incoming and outgoing exchange students.
  • Induction for international  students.
  • Organising information meetings and joint events for international students.
  • Close cooperation with  the international coordinators at the faculties.
  • Information, guidance and administration relating to Erasmus+ staff exchange.
  • Information and guidance relating to  project calls administered by the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU).
  • Coordinating the Erasmus+ programme.
  • Responsible for the mobility agreements in the National Student Database (FS) and "SøknadsWeb" (Application Web).
  • Communication tasks relating to internationalisation.

Who does what?

Section for internationalisation,  as of January 2018:


Benedicte Solheim

Europe/the Nordic region

Lise Bakke Brøndbo:

  • Erasmus+ coordinator at HiOA (application and reporting to SIU, Erasmus+ Partner Week, strategic partnerships, capacity building and knowledge alliances).
  • Contact for EEA cooperation.
  • FS super user.
  • Responsible for the mobility agreements in the National Student Database (FS) .
  • Member of the reference group for translation into English.

Hanne Maanum:

  • Erasmus + mobility (staff exchange and student exchange).
  • Contact for international joint degrees (including Nordic Master).
  • Contact for the Nordplus programme.

Margareth Sandvik Alfredsen:

  • Erasmus+mobility (staff exchange and student exchange, including practical training).
  • Registrations in the National Student Database (FS).

Incoming students

Karl Norli 

  • Team coordinator for incoming students (all levels), induction for international students, learning environment (including Kjeller Campus).
  • Academic Dugnad for Refugees.
  • Organising the student assistants’ work (including Kjeller Campus).
  • Contact with student organisations.

Enzo Nicolas Rossi:

Incoming students, induction for international students, learning environment (all levels) including:

  • Contact with UDI and the police.
  • Practical facilitation and guidance.
  • Coordinator for the Buddy Scheme.
  • Contact for accommodation and cooperation with The  Student Welfare Organisation of Oslo and Akershus (SiO).
  • Web publishing, information for incoming students ( and  including social media.
  • Organising and implementation of activities and events.

Other tasks:

  • The section's ystem manager for OTRS.
  • Technical administration of admission for incoming students and exchange in cooperation with international coordinators.
  • Contact for Students at Risk .
  • Tasks relating to the Quota Scheme.
  • Frontline services for Section for Internationalisation (e-mail).
  • Member of the Oslo Municipality's group for international events.
  • Purchaser for Section for Internationalisation.

Outgoing students

Kathleen Rodriguez Dietzel, substitute for Kristin Oddstøl:

  • Student exchange: North America,  South-Africa and Australia, including partner contact.
  • Student exchange and other cooperation: Asia.
  • Institutional coordinator for the North America programme.
  • Institutional coordinator  for the UTFORSK programme.
  • Cooperation with India.
  • Cooperation with China.
  • Routine project for student exchange, project manager.
  • Internationalisation of master's degree programmes.

Kristin Oddstøl (20% position until 1 March 2018):

  • Cooperation with the HR Department, follow up measures relating to Project Internationalisation.

  • Institutional coordinator for the Panorama strategy.

  • Project Manager for the International Certificate.

Hege Jacobsen (Leave of absence until 13 February)

Anne Møgster:

  • Internationalisation of programme descriptions/ Internationalisation at Home - follow up measures relating to Project Internationalisation.
  • Regional coordinator for Latin America (including  student exchange).
  • Institutional coordinator for NORHED.
  • Institutional coordinator for NORDPART.
  • Cooperation with Brazil (including UTFORSK Partnership Programme)
  • Contact for the Cooperation Programme with Russia and the Eurasia Programme.
  • Inspiration seminar for internationalisation (content).

Language and communication

Wenche Larsen:

  • Translator for the university administration.
  • Web editor for Department of Academic Affairs.
  • Contact person for questions relating to English terminology and translation.
  • Contact person for translation agency.
  • Guidelines for information in English at HiOA, follow up measures relating to Project Internationalisation.
  • Member of network for increased competence development in English (led by the Learning Centre and Library), follow up measures relating to Project Internationalisation.

Kari Risnes

  • Communications Adviser relating to Project Internationalisation.

Where are we?

  • Pilestredet Campus: 1st floor, Pilestredet 46.
  • Kjeller Campus: 1st floor, block D.

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