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Collaboration in NVivo - qualitative analysis

Collaboration in NVivo - qualitative analysis

Traditionally, NVivo has been best suited to individual researchers who work with NVivo on their own machine. Through the NVivo Collaboration Server service, you get the possibilities for collaborating and sharing in NVivo.

NVivo Collaboration Server is for research teams that need to work on the NVivo project file at the same time. Everyone in the team can then work on the same project where each individual can code, comment/link sources and has immediate access to the changes made by the other team members.

Be aware that there are also some limitations. More about this under 'Prerequisites' and 'Security and privacy'.

  • NVivo Collaboration Server versus Cloud

    About NVivo Collaboration Server

    With NVivo Collaboration Server, one can co-write on a shared project file in NVivo.

    The project file (*.nvp) is stored on a SQL server at OsloMet where a database is created per project. All changes that the project participants make along the way are synchronized there. The same with all files that are imported into the project.

    This way, everyone who has access to the same NVivo project will be updated in real time on any changes made.

    NVivo Cloud

    NVivo Collaboration Server must not be confused with NVivo Cloud which is also a collaboration solution, but unlike NVivo Collaboration Server, all data there is synchronized to a cloud service (NVivo Cloud). NVivo Cloud is not approved for use at OsloMet due to security and privacy concerns.

  • How to access the Collaboration Server service?

    The project manager/project manager or the person responsible must apply for access to it-servicedesk (email: and justify the need for the NVivo Colalboartion Server.

    The project must be registered in the Research Database before a request for access is sent. And that the users from the project must be registered under the "Participants" tab. Specify which users will use NVivo.

    Read through the prerequisites below before submitting the request to the IT Service Desk.

    When the application is approved, IT Service Desk will register the project-users names. When this is done, the project manager will be given access. The project manager gives then the other projectmembers access after the project file is created. See also 'Instructions' below.

    Installation of NVivo

    To access to the application itself (NVivo), can be downloaded from the SoftwareCenter. It requires an operated OsloMet pc.

    Please note that several versions of NVivo may be available and that you choose the one that is suitable for the Collaboration Server.

  • Prerequisites

    • All users must have a Windows PC (Mac is not approved by the supplier for use against NVivo Collaboration Server)
    • All users must have an OsloMet account, or be registered as a guest user at OsloMet
    • All users must use the same version of NVivo

    • You must be connected to VPN when working with NVivo Collaboration Server outside OsloMet.

    When using

    Secure to have good internet access while using NVivo.

    Wired network is recommended.

    If you lose the connection while you are working, there is a risk that the work will not be synchronized as expected. Therefore secure to close the application when you have to move around with the PC.


    Naming rule - project file

    All project-files (even test-files) must be created according to the following naming convention:

    <ID from the Research Database> + <Short project name>, Example: 99991 Gym in change

    This, because the IT department needs to track which projects that operates on the NVivo Collaboration Server.

  • Safety and privacy


    The security of the data is good since it is stored in a separate database on a protected OsloMet server.

    We estimate the security to be somewhat higher than when you work with NVivo on your own machine.

    At the same time, the security level is not as high as if you had worked inside TSD (Services for sensitive data), because all project-members can retrive the data easily as long they have access.

    If you are unsure whether NVivo Collaboration Server suits you and your project, contact us at


    The security of using the Collaboration Server in relation to the cloud service (NVivo Cloud) is that it provides an additional layer of access management in addition to the data storage being centralized at OsloMet and backup with OsloMet's private backup provider.


    Two types of backup are taken of the service, a server backup and an application backup.

    The application backup will be able to provide the possibility to restore a project file in situations where, for example, a synchronization conflict has occurred.

  • Guidance

    When the access for project is approved, a user guide will be sent out on how to set up NVivo to work against the server.


    At least one person in the project group must have the role of "Project creator" and will be the one that creates the project the first time and controls which users to have access to that particular project. (Provided that these are registered as users at the IT service desk first).

    When the IT service desk has registered all users who should have access, it is the "Project creator" for the individual Nvivo project who must add its users, "Users". More about this in the guide.

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