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Health, Safety and Environment / System description for HSE / Mapping the working environment

Risk assessment HSE

What is risk assessment

Risk assessment is one of several tools for systematically identifying challenges related to HSE. By conducting a risk assessment prior to a specific task or process, measures can be taken to eliminate or control the risk factors before commencing. It also allows for an increased control of the circumstances that must be taken care of during the execution of the task / process.

In a risk assessment one must consider:

  • What can go wrong?
  • What can be done to prevent undesirable events?
  • What can be done to reduce the consequences if something happens?
  • Are there alternative solutions?

A risk assessment consists of a survey part, an analysis part and will result in an action plan.

All units must risk assess risky activity - both physical and psychosocial circumstances – and prepare plans as well as implement measures to minimise the risk of undesirable events that may cause damage to people and the environment.

The top manager is responsible for ensuring that the unit conducts a risk assessment and that preventive and corrective measures are prioritised and implemented.

What should be risk-assessed

All physical and organisational circumstances and all activities that imply a risk of harm to people or the environment must be risk assessed. All new activities and activity in new buildings must be risk assessed prior to commencement. This includes work in laboratories and workshops  and applies to equipment, machinery, chemicals, etc. as well as the work processes in which these are included.

Health issues associated with factors in the psychosocial working environment is an increasing problem. Mapping of the psychosocial work environment must be done at the level of the organisation where the problems are experienced. Examples of relevant issues are workload and work allocation, work organisation, all types of change processes, violence / threats, bullying, etc.

Who should conduct the risk assessment?

The safety representative and line manager must participate. They will pick other relevant participants that may be:

  • HSE case officer / coordinator
  • Academic responsible
  • Student representative
  • The Occupational Health Service
  • Local operational personnel
  • Representative from the Unit for HSE
  • Construction engineer for building-related circumstances (plumbing, buildings, electricity)
  • Others that are considered a natural choice

Guidance and forms

Collection of guidance and forms (pdf file)

The forms:

Employees may download guidance and forms in word format from
K:\alle\HMS (hms-f)\Enhet for HMS\Risikovurdering