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Administrative support

Administrative support

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Guidelines for film screenings at OsloMet

Students and academic staff at OsloMet are allowed to screen movies in our premises.

HiOA, now OsloMet, has entered into an agreement on the right to public screenings of audio-visual works, i.e. film screenings, on OsloMet's premises. The agreement was signed between Oslo and Akershus University College and Motion Picture Licensing Company Norway (MPLC), which grants licenses for public screenings of films / audio-visual works. The agreement applies from 22 March 2017.

Public screening of copyrighted films

The license gives the right to publically screen cinematographic works, copyright protected feature films and other protected audio-visual programmes and productions from the copyright holders represented by MPLC.

The permit only applies to OsloMet's premises

The license gives the right to film screenings on the following conditions:

  • Public screenings must only take place at OsloMet's premises.
  • The license applies to all students and academic staff at OsloMet. By academic staff, we intend those who teach at OsloMet by holding lectures, seminar groups or the like.

List of MPLC's collaborators (copyright holders).

Agreement conditions for screening films / audio-visual works at OsloMet.