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How to edit your employee profile

How to edit your employee profile

The employee directory is where both external people and other employees find information about you, your work, how to contact you, what your job entails, what research projects you are involved with, and more.

You are the only person who can edit your own employee profile page. This is how:

  1. Log in to
  2. If you are logged in your name will appear in the top part of the menu. Click on "Edit profile" below your name. You can also find a link in the shortcuts on "My page".
  3. After clicking on "Edit profile" you will get four choices:
    1. Employee profile
    2. Access card
    3. Privacy settings
    4. Change password and PIN code
  4. Click "Employee profile" to edit your profile page.
  5. Here you can access all the information available on your employee profile. Find the appropriate place to make the change you want to make and click the yellow plus icon.
  6. If the button says "Report changes to HR", HR must approve the change before it is visible. If the button says "Update", the change will be visible on the page within 24 hours.
  7. Click "About" to make changes to the "About" section on your profile. Fill in what you want other users to know about yourself. Use headings and bullet point lists as needed. You cannot use hyperlinks in this section. NB! Only use bullet points if the list has more than one bullet.
  8. "Fields of study" (subject areas and academic disciplines) and "Publications and research" are obtained from Cristin. Changes must therefore be done in Cristin. It can take up to 24 hours before the changes are visible on our website.

  9. "Research groups" and "Research projects": Contact the communication advisor or web editor at your unit to make changes.

Your employee profile is available at and is open for everyone. You can also search for employee profiles via the employee directory search on "My page", when logged in to