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Printer service


  • Contact the supplier, see the service telephone number on the printer in question.
  • Remember to state the printer's number.


  • Delivered automatically, but can be ordered directly from the supplier, see the service telephone number on the printer.
  • Remember to enter the printer's number.
  • Contact Ricoh on the service telephone: 22 58 78 00. Remember to state the printer's number. 

Install a printer

Printer overview

Printer service for employees

1. Printer overview on campus

2. Order toner and service for printere

3 Multi-function printers (MFP) and regular printers

3.1 Set a default printer

3.2 Add a regular printer

3.3 About printer types and locations

3.4 Copying

3.5 Scanning

4. Checklist in case of printing problems

5. What is Pullprint?

1. Printer overview on campus

You choose when and where to retrieve your printout by going to one of the printing points. This only applies to Pullprint printers with mounted card readers.

Pickup deadline within 24 hours

Documents sent to the Pullprint queue will remain for 24 hours before being deleted from the Safecom server.

2. Order service and toner for printers

The printer service is provided by the supplier. Ricoh and Sharp printers, i.e. multi-function printers (MFP), are marked with the contact information needed to order the service.

  • Remember to state the printer number / individual number of the printer when contacting the supplier service.

Toner cartridges should be delivered automatically by the supplier before they run out, but they can also be ordered directly by phone if necessary. See the contact information of the various suppliers.

Contact Ricoh

Service telephone: 22 58 78 00

E-mail: kundesenter@ricoh.no

Contact Sharp

Service telephone: 23 17 09 60

Service / toner for local printers

IT-servicedesk does not provide service or toner change for local printers located in the offices.

  • The department / unit is responsible for the local printers, and the unit must contact the service / toner supplier itself.

3. Multi-function printers (MFP) and regular printers

All Ricoh printers with card readers support colour printing, but only multi-function printers (MFP) support A3 paper size, scanning and copying.

These services are available on multi-function printers:

  • Printing - from PC to paper
  • Copying - from paper to paper
  • Scanning - from paper to PC

Fax is not available on our multi-function printers.

Please contact one of the receptions on campus to send faxes.

3.1 Set the default printer

  1. Search for "Printers" (or "Skriver" if the language on your PC is Norwegian) in the search bar in the taskbar.
  2. Select "Printers & scanners
  3. Click: "Add a printer or scanner"
  4. Find "Pullprint on print" in the list of printers.
  5. Click on "Add device" - Pullprint is set as the default printer.

Skjermbilde: Legg til printer

3.2 Add a regular printer

There are also other local printers in addition to Pullprint. Search for, and install a local printer as described below:

Add a regular printer for Windows 10:
  1. In the search box type: "Printer" - to install another printer (local printer) at OsloMet.
  2. Select: Advanced printer setup

Skjermbilde: Søk etter "printer" velg Advanced printer setup

  1. Find: Local printer / printer in your building / floor.
    1. Building-Room / Location: e.g. FG5-FG103.
    2. Explanation: The printer is located in Falbesgate 5, room 103, i.e. ground floor, room 103.
  2. Click: Next
  3. The printer is then installed.

Skjermbilde: Finn ønsket printer i oversikten

4. Complete installation

  • Skjermbilde: Avslutt installering av vanlig skriver.

3.3 About the printer types and their locations

3.3.1 Printer types

Multi-function printers (MFP) by Ricoh or Sharp; copy, scan and print.

Many MFP printers are equipped with the Pullprint function, i.e. they have card readers that authenticate the users before letting them choose what to do.

B. Pullprint

Pullprint printers allow you to copy, scan and print. However, they require the use of access cards that must be scanned on the card reader attached to the printer.

A pullprint print queue is a queue consisting of several printers available throughout Campus.

The pickup deadline for printouts is within 24 hours at one of the printing points:

Printer overview in PilestredetPrinter overview in Kjeller

3.3.2 Printer Location

The location of the printer is stated as follows: P46-PA497 MFP

  • Building: P46 indicates Pilestredet, building 46
  • Wing: The letter code after the hyphen (-) stands for the wing in the building, e.g. the PA wing
  • Floor: the first number indicates the floor, e.g. 4th floor in PA_4_97

3.4 Copying

Multi-function printers (MFP) can also be used for copying.

  • Copy: Press the Copy button in the top left corner, next to the display. Use the MFP as a regular photocopy machine.

Contact itservicedesk@oslomet.no  in case of difficulties.

3.5 Scanning

Multi-function printers (MFP) can also make scans and copies.

  1. Scanning: scan your card on the card reader for authentication. Select E-mail on the display. Only the feeder on the top can be used for scanning.
  2. The sender and recipient is yourself.
  3. You will receive a PDF, or any other format you choose, as an email attachment. This may take some time.

4. Checklist in case of errors

Points that you should review in case of printing problems before contacting the IT service desk. In case of errors with a Ricoh printer, contact Ricoh’s service telephone.

4.1 PC without attached printer

All OsloMet's PCs should have Pullprint installed. If you are using an OsloMet PC without Pullprint, you can install it here.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, inform the IT service desk by e-mail: itservicedesk@oslomet.no

4.2 Empty toner

If a printer is out of toner, contact the service telephone of the printer in question, e.g. Ricoh, see Order Toner.

4.3 Out of paper

If a printer is out of paper, contact the administration at your department / unit. This is the department's responsibility.

4.4 Printing large files / several pages

If you need to print several pages, we advice you to test the printer first by printing only the first page. If it comes out fine, you can print the remaining pages.

4.5 Split up large printing jobs

You may also want to divide large printing jobs into several parts. E.g. by first printing pages 1-50, then pages 51-100.

4.6 No access to printer

If you do not have access to the printer on your machine, you must add it again.

If you have recently changed your password, you will not be able to access the printer(s) added to your personal computer (PC / Mac). The message usually reads “Server offline”. In this case you must add the printer again. Go to the printer intallation guides.

5. What is Pullprint?

Pullprint are printers equipped with a card reader that authenticates the students’ and employees’ admission cards.

The print queue is called Pullprint and consists of a network of printers. The printout can be obtained from any one of these.

Pullprint is the actual printing part of Safecom; the printing and payment system used at OsloMet.

Skjermbilde: Hvordan Pullprint-systemet er organisert til skrivere

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