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Our OsloMet

Our OsloMet

Practical information for the Erasmus+ application

You will be asked to provide practical information about the organisation when you fill in and submit an Erasmus + application. Here you will find the relevant information for OsloMet.

Please remember to send information about planned projects to the Erasmus + Team in the university administration at

In the application, you may be asked to fill in the following:

  • Legal representative must sign the applications:
    • For applications across the faculties: Rector must sign
    • For applications within the faculty: The Dean must sign
  • PIC-code: 954982461

  • Erasmus+ code: N OSLO60

  • ECHE-number:  262768-EPP-1-2014-1-NO-EPPKA3-ECHE

  • OsloMets Erasmus Policy Statement

  • VAT-number/organisation number: 997058925