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Post Management

Post Management

  • Sending internal post

    Regular outgoing internal post must be submitted to the internal mail outbox at the local drop point, that is the nearest collection and delivery point for post.

    Internal post is collected and delivered once or twice daily.

    Special internal deliveries

    If special goods are to be sent, if the consignment is large, containing items of importance or if there is need for a higher security level, contact Posttjenesten before you send it.

  • Sending letters

    Regular outgoing letters should be submitted to the post outbox at your local drop point (collection and delivery point for post).

    To be sure that the post goes out the same day, submit it before 13:30.

    There are a few exceptions. Contact the local post responsible for clarification.

    Deadline for delivering letters

    Deadline for delivering post directly to Posttjenesten:

    • Kjeller at. 13.30
    • Pilestredet 14.00

    Contact Posttjenesten if you:

    • shall send certified post
    • need to carry out bulk mail deliveries
    • need a pre-paid reply scheme
    • are to send post by courier. This can include letters that need an extra secure delivery, or that have a tracking possibility.
  • Sending parcels


    1. You must wrap the parcels you wish to send in a way that meets your requirements for proper packaging.
    2. Label the parcel well and attach a sheet with “To Posttjenesten” written on it to the top and one with all the necessary information to the bottom. Posttjenesten will need all relevant sender and recipient information: Name, address, and in some cases telephone numbers. If you wish, you can send the information by email.
    3. The wrapped and labelled parcel must be delivered or sent to Posttjenesten. Bookings are made by Posttjenesten for the delivery and making of packing slips.


    International delivery also requires a declaration of contents. With the exception of minor document deliveries, customs documentation signed by the shipper must also be enclosed. Contact Posttjenesten for further information.

    Ways of delivery

    We can normally provide the following ways of delivery for your parcel:

    • Local courier
    • Domestic shipping (parcel and courier)
    • International courier
    • Cargo shipments (consignments over 35 kg)
  • Proper addressing

    Addressing internal mail

    You should address internal mail the following way: NAME, UNIT, BUILDING and, if applicable, FLOOR


    Håvard Hedde, Faculty Technology, Art and Design, Kjeller
    Anne Knutsdotter, Faculty Health Sciences, Physiotherapy, P44
    Per Spelmann Department of Facilities Management, P46, 6th floor.

    Regarding names

    It is very important that both first and last names are included.

    We have received some internal mail where only the first name is given. This can make finding the right recipient very difficult.

    Regarding unit

    If there is no room for the whole unit name, write something that works (such as "Physio") and write clearly. Feel free to use CAPITALS if there is space.

    Addressing mail to OsloMet

    If you are to state the address of someone who will send something to you, it is important to be aware that the address to use depends on the type of delivery. Here are the main principles:

    PO box address for letters and parcels not delivered to the door

    Write the PO Box address:

    OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University

    [Your name]

    PO Box 4, St. Olav space

    0167 Oslo

    Street address for letters and parcels delivered by courier, but that are not to be delivered directly to you

    If direct delivery is not part of the courier’s service, or if you do not want the item directly delivered to you: Provide the university name, your name and the campus’ street address.

    For example:

    OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University

    [Your name]

    Kunnskapsveien 55

    2007 Kjeller



    OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University

    [Your name]

    Pilestredet 46

    0130 Oslo


    The parcel will be delivered to Posttjenesten, and you will be notified when it has arrived. You can then retrieve it at Posttjenesten or have it delivered to your local drop point (collection and delivery point for post) with internal mail.

    Parcels delivered directly to you

    If the service includes a direct delivery to you by the courier: Provide the university name, your name, street address and a phone number you can be reached on.

    For example:

    OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University

    [Your name]

    Kunnskapsveien 55

    2007 Kjeller


    Tel. 333 66 999

  • Deadlines for delivery


    If you want to be sure that a letter is delivered on the same day, you must submit it:

    • at your local drop point (collection and delivery point for post) within 13.30


    • directly to Posttjenesten in Pilestredet within 14.00.
    • directly to Posttjenesten at Kjeller within 13.30.

    Parcels – Domestic

    Parcels must be made ready by Posttjenesten before dispatch. They must therefore be delivered early enough to allow time for this.

    Parcels – International

    Certain types of international deliveries also require customs documentation. Contact Posttjenesten for more information.

  • Tracking parcels

    If you have the tracking number of the parcel that you sent or are waiting for, you can at all times check where the parcel is.

    If you are waiting for a parcel, contact the sender for tracking information.

    Here are some of the most commonly used tracking pages:

  • Inquiring for parcels

    If you have not received a letter or a parcel that you are waiting for, that should have been delivered at the time of your inquiry, is most likely that the item has not arrived to the college.

    Contact the sender for information

    We recommend that you first contact the sender to learn about the following:

    1. When the item was sent.
    2. By which means it was sent; as a letter, certified post or any other way of delivery
    3. What name and address has been used.

    Registered post

    If the question concerns registered post – such as certified post and most parcels, ask to get the tracking number.

    If you still do not manage to solve the problem, contact Posttjenesten. Have all relevant information ready.

    Wrong name or digitally forwarded post

    In certain cases, the item might have been delivered to the college, but not to you physically.

    • This applies, for example, if the recipient name is incorrect.
    • Some letters are also scanned and digitally forwarded to the recipient in Public 360. If so, the physical document will not be sent to you, but be archived.

    Contact Posttjenesten if you have any further questions about by lost deliveries

  • Frequently asked questions

    Questions about envelopes

    - I need someone A5 envelopes, preferably today. Can I get them from you?

    It depends on the quantity, which unit you belong to and on the urgency of the matter.

    Posttjenesten can help with small quantities for everyone if the need is urgent. For larger quantities or less urgent matters, we refer to the supplies manager at the user's unit.

    - I need 2000 A4 envelopes and 1,500 pre-paid reply letters to be used for a survey related to a project. Can I get them from you?

    For ordinary envelopes, you should normally contact the supplies manager in your unit. If the unit does not have any, you can borrow from us (if we have enough available).

    Pre-paid reply letters can be obtained from us, or through us. For larger deliveries however, the use of this system should be agreed upon in advance as postage costs could be charged to the project or the user's unit.

    Questions about sending mail

    - Can I send private mail through the college’s postal system? Do you sell stamps?

    You can send smaller quantities of private mail through the college’s mail system if what you send is already paid for. We do not sell stamps.

    - Is this where you send post?

    Yes. Posttjenesten’s offices at Kjeller and Pilestredet are the dispatching points for post at the two campuses.

    - I need to send something to Denmark, how do I do it? Is there anything special I need to do? Can you help me?

    What you have to do depends on whether you need to send a letter or a parcel, documents or non-documents.

    Is the content valuable or will you need to be able to track the delivery? Then we recommend parcel. You must prepare the parcel yourself.

    Posttjenesten makes orders and creates address labels. See further details under the point Sending parcels.

    - I need supplies for packing some books and folders that I need to send to Sweden. Can you help me?

    We have all necessary packaging supplies. Just stop by and have a look (we can help if needed).

    - I need to send a few questions to some students, and I have prepared some letters that they can use to respond. Can you help me stamping them?

    We have pre-paid reply letters designed for this. Contact Posttjenesten for more information.

    - I need to send a temperature sensitive parcel to Brussels. How do I do that?

    The Faculty of Health Sciences has an agreement with a transport company for temperature sensitive deliveries; it is possible that they can help. Posttjenesten can bring forward information/ help with contact information.

    Questions about receiving mail

    - I am missing a parcel that was sent to me but that has not yet arrived. Do you have anything lying around? Do you know what can have happened? Where is my parcel?

    We need information about the sender and about when the parcel was sent or should have arrived. We can check our registration book for incoming parcels and if something has recently come in.

    If we do not find anything, we must ask the recipient to contact the sender to get hold of the tracking number.

    - I am missing a letter that was sent to me but that has not yet arrived. Do you have anything lying around? Do you know what can have happened? Where is my letter?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to track a regular letter. We must therefore focus on what might have happened. Does the recipient know how the letter was addressed? If so, we can make assessments on this basis. We can also check whether something has just come in and not yet been forwarded.

    - I am missing an internal envelope that was sent to me but that has not yet arrived. Do you have anything lying around? Do you know what can have happened? It is important.

    Internal mail never ends up with us. Everything is sent on.

    Where did the envelope come from? How was it addressed? If it has been sent wrong, it is usually sent back to us and then forwarded.

    We also check if the address information that appears in the person register is correct. In case of incorrect addressing, we will contact the post responsible in the unit that the envelope was sent to, and check if the envelope is there.

    - I am missing a book that was sent to me but that has not yet arrived. Do you have anything lying around? Do you know what can have happened? It is an expensive book.

    We first ask about the sender.

    Is it the University Library? Please contact them and ask whether the book really has been sent. It can take some time from when the book is registered as ‘sent’ in Oria until it actually goes into the internal post system. The internal post delivery also takes some time.

    Is it another employee? We ask which address is used, and check this with the information in the person register. If everything seems to be right, we cannot do anything but wait and see whether the internal post delivery with the book should appear with us.

    Is it an external sender? For example a publishing house? The possibilities for finding out something depends on whether the book was sent as a letter or a parcel. See questions about missing letters and parcels over.

    - I need to order some refrigerated items from a laboratory in Germany that the college will pay for. Do we have any way of making such a booking?

    The Faculty of Health Sciences has an agreement with a transport company; we recommend that you contact the faculty to see if they can help.

    - I work in PP33 and need to have something sent from Kunsthøyskolen. The sender wonders what address to use. Can I enter PP33? We do not have a delivery device there.

    How will the item be sent? As a letter or as Posten’s service parcel? Use the college's address.

    If the parcel is to be delivered by courier (door-to-door, express, local courier, etc.) use the street address of Posttjenesten (in this case Pilestredet 46, 0167 Oslo), with your name on.

    If it is urgent and you as the recipient want to have the item delivered directly to you, and as soon as possible, the sender may use a courier service that delivers directly to your door. You must then enter your address, a phone number that you can be reached on, AND make sure to be available.

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