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Ownership of data in a research project - if you quit at OsloMet

Ownership of data in a research project - if you quit at OsloMet

If a participant of a research project quits at OsloMet and wishes to bring with them or to copy research data, there may come up issues related to data ownership.
  • Eierskap til data i et forskningsprosjekt - dersom du slutter ved OsloMet

    Ownership is defined by the data processing agreement for each individual project.

OsloMet will in general be the owner of raw data (such as questionnaires) and analysis files (such as SPSS files) that have been collected as part of a research project conducted by researchers at OsloMet.

If you quit at OsloMet and need to copy data to bring with you, you must make a written agreement with the head of department / head of centre / head of studies about

  • what data you may copy 
  • in what way
  • the purpose for which the data is to be used.

This written agreement must be based on the data processing agreement template that OsloMet's uses.

Shared ownership between several institutions

If the project has been carried out in collaboration with other researchers at other institutions, the ownership of the research data can be shared. The amount of OsloMet’s funding of the project will have an impact on the ownership. Ownership of research data is regulated in cooperation agreements.

See OsloMet's IPR policy.

If a data processing agreement has been entered into with another institution, such as a healthcare company, it is the data controller (the person lending out the data) who owns the data and who decides how it is to be processed.

Another possibility is to extend the access to OsloMet's ICT systems until the project is completed. Please contact itservicedesk@oslomet.no to extend access.

See also deletion of data upon project completion.