Osloregionens Europakontor - Ansatt

Oslo Region European Office (ORE)

Oslo Region European Office (ORE)

OsloMet is a member of the Oslo Region's European Office (ORE).

ORE has its own office in Brussels and provides updated information about EU policies and programmes in the form of newsletters and academic newsletters, announcement information, policy development notes and information seminars on EU programmes. ORE also organizes events for matchmaking to EU research and innovation programs including Horizon Europe.

Courses and study trips

ORE holds its own courses and arranges study trips for Norwegian communities.

Intern / trainee at ORE

ORE allows employees in the different institutions to work in Brussels for periods at a time.

More information about intern / trainee application here (in Norwegian).

Contact Vera Østensen in OsloMet's department for R&D for more information about the opportunities the university has through ORE.

More information about ORE can be found on their website (osloregion.org).