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OsloMet Career

OsloMet Career

OsloMet Career is a career guidance service in the broad sense. We follow the students through their course of study and provide various activities and offers in order to assist them in developing good career skills. OsloMet Career wishes to collaborate closely with you as a teacher to offer career courses and activities that meet your students' needs.

The purpose of the service: To make the students Career ready

Our students are going to meet a labour market in constant change. OsloMet Career wishes to facilitate the acquisition of skills that, along with the academic competency the students already possess, will make them well equipped for the future working life. This is a process that runs through the entire course of study. To assist our students in this process, OsloMet Career has developed the programme Career Ready which consists of courses, activities and guidance adapted to the different stages in the student's course of study. Read more about Career ready, and the phases Insight, Opportunities and Work

What can OsloMet obtain from the service?

With Career ready, we can help ensure that OsloMet gets:

  • Motivated and sensible students who make good choices when it comes to studies and jobs.
  • Less dropout
  • Candidates with an holistic approach to their competency
  • Students and candidates who are aware of their opportunities during and after their studies.
  • Graduates who can orient themselves in a constantly changing labour market
  • Good ambassadors for their education
  • Dedicated alumni
  • A better reputation

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In OsloMet Career we collaborate across the university college to offer useful and educational courses, activities and guidance to OsloMet’s students. Here you will find an overview of the employees  associated with OsloMet Career’s services and what each of them is responsible for.

Contact OsloMet Career if you think this service may be useful to your students!

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