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OsloMet Employee Sports Team

OsloMet Employee Sports Team

The board of OsloMet employee sports team is looking for new members. In order to ensure inclusion for all our staff we encourage international staff to join. Would you like to be a part of our board?

As an employee benefit, all employees are automatically a member of the OsloMet Employee Sports Team with a number of sport activity offers. Do you want to contribute to creating a good working environment and better health through exercise? If you are also good at organizing and enjoy working with events, we encourage you to join the board of OsloMet Employee Sports Team. The board must consist of five people who participate for two years at a time to ensure continuity, it is therefore important that you can see yourself participating for the next 2 years.

In order to ensure inclusion for all our staff we encourage international staff to join. Would you like to contribute to better health and happiness for your colleagues? Get in touch at aktiv@oslomet.no

OsloMet employee sports team will offer various types of exercise classes and group, mainly on campus as well as annual activity days winter and summer. OsloMet Employee Sports Team is an important contributor to a good working environment and promotes health through exercise at OsloMet. It's not a lot of work, but it does require to attend a few planning meetings, participating in activity days and follow-up of exercise groups.

The OsloMet Employee Sports team was rewarded a prize for promoting good working environment for employees in 2019.

  • Membership

    As an employee benefit, all new employees become automatically a member of the OsloMet Employee Sports Team. This gives you the opportunity to participate in organised exercise in various types of sports, play football or other team sports in the league as well as enjoy great discounts at all major training centers.

  • Company agreement

    OsloMet sports team has made agreements to receive an employee discount in all major fitness centers:

    1. SiO Athletica

    With proof of employment at OsloMet you pay from NOK 319,- per month with a one year agreement and NOK 359, without a one year agreement. With the membership you get access to all six SiO Athletica training centers.

    Access to swimming and training halls, unlimited training classes. Sign up directly at the SiO Athletica receptions.

    Read more about SiO Athletica's exercise offers

    2. SATS Elixia

    Fall campaign two months free and waived start up fee.

    18 per cent discount of the regular fee. Use your OsloMet company code to get the discount: jetbolzber.

    Information about the exercise agreement with SATSElixia (PDF)

    3. Friskis & Svettis training centers

    OsloMet has an agreement with Friskis & Svettis that gives you as an employee a 15 per cent discount on membership.

    You can read more about all the exercise deals on www.friskissvettis.no

  • Activities Campus Pilestredet

    • Yoga

      • Time: Thursdays at 16.00-17.00. Start-up 25 April 2024.

      • Location: Pilestredet 44 (P44), Gym room on floor: -2 (basement floor) (V-2U31-Physio room)

      • Bring a yoga mat

      • Contact if you are interested/for registration: Kristin Reichborn-Kjennerud

    • Football
      • Time: Fridays from 16.00 to 17.30
      • Location: The sports hall (under the space between P50 and P52)
      • Contact person: Halfdan Alve Glad
    • Floorball
      • Time: Wednesdays from 17.00 to 18.30
      • Location: V-2U44 (FLU Hall), Pilestredet 44 (Elisabeth Lampe's house)
      • Contact person: Kjell Arnesen
    • Table tennis
      • We currently do not have a trainer for this. If you are interested to start, please contact OsloMet Employee Sports Team.
  • Activities at Campus Kjeller

    • Spinning with balance and strength training
    • Zumba
      • Wednesdays, 16.00-17.00
      • Place: The work out room at Kjeller
      • Contact person: Lilja Johannessen
  • Summer and winter activity days

    We organize a summer activity and a winter activity day each year open to all OsloMet employees.

  • Guidelines for using OsloMet sports team equipment

    1. OsloMet sports team equipment includes outfits, sports equipment (balls, rackets, grids, etc.), first aid equipment, and other equipment paid for by OsloMet sports team centrally or by OsloMet sports team's groups.

    2. OsloMet sports team equipment is OsloMet's property. It is managed by OsloMet sports team's board, a person appointed by the board or one of the subgroup's representatives.

    3. If OsloMet sports team equipment is damaged, worn out or lost, the responsible person must report this to the equipment manager within a reasonable period of time. This does not apply to equipment that, according to its own character, is intended to last for a shorter period of time.

    4. If a subgroup of OsloMet sports team is made the manager of OsloMet sports team equipment, the group's representative is the person responsible.

    5. The old representative of a subgroup is responsible for handing the OsloMet sports team equipment over to any new representatives. The new representative must sign a detailed list of the OsloMet sports team equipment.

      1. If a subgroup is resolved, the representative must hand over the OsloMet sports team equipment to the equipment manager.

    6. OsloMet sports team equipment must only be used for OsloMet sports team's activities or if the person in question is acting as a representative of OsloMet sports team. This may be the case on training, in competitions or during events arranged or attended by OsloMet sports team.

      1. OsloMet sports team equipment may not be lent out to non-sport team members without the representative or a person appointed by him/her being present when the equipment is used or without a prior authorization of the board.

      2. The person responsible for the equipment must ensure that the use does not violate this regulation.

    7. If anyone in possession of OsloMet sports team equipment cancels their membership in OsloMet sports team, he or she must deliver the equipment to the representative or other person in charge.

    8. The person responsible for the OsloMet sports team equipment must provide a written overview of the equipment in the annual meeting. If the Board so requires, the person concerned must deliver a similar overview within a reasonable period of time.

Contact information

Contact information

OsloMet Employee Sports Team (In Norwegian OsloMet BIL)

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