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Organisational culture

Organisational culture

Lær om organisasjonskulturen ved OsloMet.

Our vision and values

Our Vision

New knowledge – new practice

OsloMet’s vision says something about who we are what we strive for. Professional study programmes constitute the focus of OsloMet's educational provision. Requirements for new knowledge and new services in a constantly changing society makes the link between established subjects and professions and research crucial for our future relevance to society and to working life.

Our core values

OsloMet should be an innovative and learning organisation with a working environment characterised by diversity.


OsloMet is a metropolis institution located in a region where the demography is more varied than in other parts of Norway. The diversity gives us an advantage when it comes to understanding and reaping the benefits of the differences. We should encourage equality and require tolerance regardless of religion, culture and gender


To be close to the working life and to be founded on research and development bring valuable insight into the formation of new knowledge. Our knowledge and our experiences should contribute to learning and innovation, both of our education and of the further development of the institution and of the individual employee and student.


Profession-related research and programmes of study, combined with development work in collaboration with the society, provide useful knowledge and experience. We should be curious and open towards the society- and the business sector, and develop new knowledge that can provide solutions to tomorrow's challenges.

Courses in organizational culture

OsloMet Academy organises courses in organizational culture.