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OsloMet International Staff Service (OMISS)

OsloMet International Staff Service (OMISS)

Are you an International Staff looking for help with immigration, housing, taxing, partner services or help with understanding Norwegian culture and worklife? Then OsloMet International Staff Services (OMISS) is here to assist you.

We work with International Staff and their partners to make sure they arrive, settle and integrate in Norway. We are happy to answer all questions from what documents you need for your visa renewal to why Norwegians like to sit alone on the bus. If you have trouble understanding something in your position at OsloMet or in the employee handbook, just stop by our office and we will assist you. 

We host events to give you information on topics like Norwegian Culture, holiday celebrations, raising children in Norway and networking. If you want to get information on our event just ask to be added to our contact list. 

Please check out our Microsoft Teams group for International staff and guests at OsloMet. Here you can join other colleagues in discussions or simply ask a colleague for some good advice. 

Partners are also welcome to all our events and can get guidance on life in Norway or applying for jobs here by contacting our office. We have a partner network on social networks, please contact omiss@oslomet.no to get connected.

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Stop by our office in Pilestredet 46 (mazemap.com), 4th floor, room A433, Tuesdays from 09.00 – 12.00 or Wednesdays from 12.00 to 15.00. You can also schedule digital or physical meetings at other times if needed.