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Office 365

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud solution that allows you to use Outlook, Word and PowerPoint in your web browser. In addition, you get a free Microsoft Office suite for private use and free OneDrive storage.
  • Download the MS Office Suite for free (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook etc.) from your 365 account.

How do I log in?

To access email (Outlook in the web browser), download the free software in the Office suite and other Office 365 services:

  • Log in to
  • Use your OsloMet username (e.g. s123456) and password in the Feide login window

OneDrive - storage and sharing

OneDrive is your personal storage area on the Internet. In OneDrive, you can upload, download, save, co-author and share documents.

OneDrive is integrated with Office 365 as well as the Office applications on OsloMet's PCs to allow for an easy storage of your files. All employees and students receive 1TB of free storage in OneDrive.

Office 365 training

Email for Android, iOS and Mac / Windows

Log in to to access Outlook through your browser.

Email for mobile devices, Mac and Windows

Email lists in Office 365

Groups in Office 365

In Office 365, groups can be created as needed to collaborate and interact, e.g. for a project. The groups can be created across affiliations and regardless of whether you are an employee or a student.

Groups should also be used if you need to send emails to several people (in this sense a group can replace a mailing lists) or if you need a shared mailbox.

Groups should not be used as collaborative area or a storage space for entire units, sections or departments. If entire units, sections or departments are in need of an area in Office 365, the IT department must be contacted:

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a service that gives you access to Office applications, storage and sharing in OneDrive and other online tools and services (cloud services).

Download free software

You can download the entire Office suite for free for your own private devices

You can download the entire Office suite for free for your own private devices.

Office 365 can be used on PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

This is what you get in Office 365:

  • Office programmes such as Outlook Excel, Word and PowerPoint can be used in the web browser.
  • Free Microsoft Office for private devices.
  • OneDrive - 1TB of free storage.
  • Additional useful tools and services.
  • Email is stored in the cloud, not locally.

Security and privacy

  • Information in OneDrive is stored in the "cloud". All information must be assessed and classified. Guidelines for classification have been prepared. Read more about Microsoft's security rules and privacy (

  • Login to Office 365 is done through Feide using your OsloMet username and password, through Single Sign On (SSO). SSO means that once you have logged in, you are automatically logged into other services using Feide if you decide to visit these.
  • Be careful, always log out of the services and close the web browser after use.

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