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Notification to the Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD)

Notification to the Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD)

The Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD) is the data protection official for researcher and student projects at most Norwegian universities and university colleges. NSD is responsible for granting permits/licenses to research projects that do not fall into the category medical and health research.

How do I notify NSD?

The notification form is filled in and sent to the data protection official. Notification of the project must be sent well before data collection starts, at least 30 days in advance. The notification form is electronic and is available on NSD's web page.

Guidelines about how to use the form are also provided here. On the same page, you will also find:

  • Information about when the data protection official must be notified of research projects and student projects
  • Notification archive of research and student projects of which NSD has been notified
  • Archiving of data
  • Information and consent

The notification form shall be filled in by the person who is going to conduct the project in which personal data is to be processed, i.e. the project manager. A student can fill in the form, but the supervisor/person qualified to be responsible for the project must sign as project manager.

When you are asked about storage site, fill in the comments box with where you have  stored the data at HiOA, for example TSD 2.0.

The following documentation must be enclosed with the notification form: copies of the questionnaire survey, interview guide, registration form, information letter, consent form, dispensation from the duty of confidentiality etc.

You should contact NSD before or as soon as the project has been assigned a project number, if:

Send an email to or contact the switchboard at (+47) 55 58 81 80 for questions about prioritisation.

Where are research projects archived?

The NSD's website has a notification archive (, in Norwegian) of research projects of which it has been notified. The archive contains detailed information about the individual projects and is access-controlled. Documents relating to the project do not therefore need to be filed in P360.

What do I do if there are any changes in the project?

If you are going to make changes to the project in relation to the information on which the Data Protection Official's assessment is based, you must notify the NSD using a change request form (

What do I do by the conclusion of project?

You must notify NSD when the period stated in the notification form has ended.

The NSD also offers good solutions for researchers and institutions that wish to archive different types of research data, see NSD's web page on archiving (in Norwegian). It has to be anonymised or de-identified data.