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OsloMet-start – introduction of new employees

OsloMet-start – introduction of new employees

The manager is responsible for planning the introduction period. He or she also appoints other resource persons who may assist with various practical tasks.

Checklist before startup

  • Well before the new employee assumes the position; call or send an email to him/her to welcome and clarify when and where to meet up. Clarify any needs for adaptation at the workplace.
  • HR enrolls the new employee in BAS and ensures that he/she is registered in the right unit so as to ensure access to the correct public areas and enrolling in the correct mailing lists.
  • Order flowers / a plant for the new employee (in BASWARE)
  • Develop a customised training plan. The plan will provide the new employee with an introduction to his/her duties and roles as well as an overview of meetings for the introduction period.
  • Designate a buddy and give him/her duties for follow-up.
  • Inform the new employee about the colleagues’ names and date of accession 
  • Go through the OsloMet Academy's course offers: Are there courses the new employee should sign up for? Training in systems etc.

Office preparation

  • Assign the office
  • Provide name tag and mailing shelf
  • Extra cleaning is ordered at BiE via the OTRS system.
  • Make sure the office is ready and contain the necessary equipment and check that access is OK.
  • Send the new employee a link with information about ICT for new employees.

When ordering IT equipment check the following

  • Clarify any ICT needs i.e. desktop PC / docking station / laptop / ipad / mobile, and if you´ve got equipment you can re-use. 
  • Decide whether the new employee’s existing mobile number is to be ported or if he/she should get a new one. Please sort out who´s the legal owner of the number.
  • Order installation and review of the equipment at least 14 days prior to startup through ordering procedures for ICT equipment. If a new employee needs software beyond the standard programmes, order as quickly as possible through the ordering system for ICT equipment and software.

Checklist first working day/ week 

  • Receive and welcome the new employee .
  • Place greeting card and flowers in the office.
  • Introduce the buddy.
  • Provide key and access card.
  • HSE Fire Protection - provide information about who the floor manager is in case of evacuation and show the escape routes.
  • Guided tour of the department, practical info.
  • HSE work in own unit. Introduce the safety delegate in the new employee’s unit.
  • Extended greeting round to introduce them to other units and relevant partners
  • Manager or HR informs about practical procedures, e.g. working hours, holidays, leave of absence, absence due to illness, the SAP portal, welfare services etc.
  • The new employee completes the e-learning course in fire protection
  • The security information folder must be placed on the new employee’s desk. Brochure and security cards in paper version are available in the supply stock in P46 and at the HR section at the faculty.
  • Information on mail / calendar invitation for joint meetings and events.

After the first week - and within two to six months:

  • Follow-up interview with further introduction of responsibility area and duties
  • Inform about the possibility of Erasmus employee exchange
  • Follow-up interviews after 2 months (trial time rules),  see interview form.
  • Follow-up interviews after 5 months (trial time rules)  see interview form.

New employees in need of English adaptation

  • Offer assistance with visa if required. Contact the central HR department.
  • Consider offering assistance with housing, Norwegian courses or any other reception offers cf. HiOA's framework agreement with Oslo Chamber of Commerce and UiO's «Norwegian for Academics».
  • BAS password - If the employee has forgotten the password, remember that you must have registered a Norwegian mobil phone number in My Profile and that you need a Norwegian D- or personal ID number in order to use the solution. If this is missing you must contact BIT directly to be assigned a new password. 

Checklist - Buddy

  • Ensure face-to-face interaction every day, bring the new employee for lunch and to relevant meetings.
  • Inform about social activities at the unit and at OsloMet in general. E.g. the business sports team/OsloMet business sports team (OsloMet BIL) and OsloMet's cultural offers.
  • Guided tours of the campuses (Kjeller, Pilestredet, Sandvika)

IT related:

  • IT Service Desk provides IT support
  • Please make sure that password and access to PC work. Contact IT Service Dessk if you experience problems.
  • If the new employee is to have a laptop, please set up an appointment with IT Service Desk.. Remember to bring username and password.
  • Short review of the software. Inform the employee that hardware and software may be ordered throug IT Service Desk.
  • Introduction to the SAP portal. Absence and time registration (time registration for TA employees only).
  • Introduction to Teams and Skype for Business (telephony system).
  • Email - Outlook / booking meetings.
  • Short review of the Web workplace for employees (intranet/nettarbeidsplassen).
  • Show how the new employee can develop his/her own profile page on the intranet.
  • Encourage the new employee to list OsloMet in his/her LinkedIn profile.

Checklist when assuming a management position

It is important that the manager himself plays an active role in the first period, so have a conversation during the preparation period about needs and wishes and how to best adapt.

  • Appoint a buddy and, if desired, a mentor.
  • Think about: who should the manager-to-be be introduced to during the initial period?
  • Access to computer programmes adapted for managers. Rights and access in relevant systems.
  • When the BAS registration is complete: invite to meetings and events through the calendar.
  • Prepare the calendar to ensure time for start-up activities (first 2-3 months): regular meetings / book meetings with the manager, co-workers, employee representatives and other stakeholders/ manager assemblies / check the  OsloMet Academy's course offers, lederopplæring spesielt / sosiale tilstelninger og andre arrangementer.
  • especially manager training / social events and other happenings.
  • Review stakeholder analysis and planned startup activities, meetings and events: are changes needed? Are the needs of the new manager met?
  • Start-up conversation, including the need for competency development. Information and registration for the HiOA Academy’s course offers, especially manager training.
  • What should the new manager get a quick overview of? Review introductory documents. For example:
    • Central documents. State laws and regulations.
    • Reports and orientation notes about subsidiary units.
    • Major ongoing projects, processes and the like
  • Implementation modules in administrative areas.
  • Ensure knowledge of central administrative areas.
  • Download additional information about security for managers and academic staff here.

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