Midtveisseminar - Ansatt

Mid-term seminar in social work and social policy

Mid-term seminar in social work and social policy

A mid-term seminar is arranged with an external opponent midway in your PhD periode. Both fellow candidates and supervisors are invited to the seminar.

Arrangements for the mid-term seminar

  • The main supervisor contacts a possible opponent.
  • Opponents should preferably be from the local area as the program does not cover travel expenses.
  • Note that the midway opponent cannot participate in the final commission for the candidate.
  • Opponents are remunerated with NOK 3,500 for the assignment.

Once the opponent has been clarified, the PhD administration can find a time that suits everyone, ie. candidate, opponent, supervisors and program manager.

The deadline for submitting a text / presentation script to the opponent is three weeks in advance of the set seminar date. The candidate submits a maximum of 40 pages of selected text, either articles or chapters in progress, including a preliminary outline for the dissertation. The text is sent to the opponent, with a copy to the supervisors, program manager and administrative coordinator.

The individual candidate can specify what it is most important to get feedback on, but the opponent is otherwise free to comment on what he / she finds significant and necessary.

It is important that the opponent can be critical but constructive, the purpose of the seminar is to motivate completion.

For each research fellow / candidate

  1. The candidate presents his / her dissertation (problem, theory / method, preliminary findings), duration: 30 minutes.
  2. The opponent then asks questions and invites to a conversation, duration approx. 45 minutes.
  3. Finally, it will be possible to make comments and questions from the audience.

Total duration in total 1.5 hours.