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Midterm evaluation at HV

Midterm evaluation at HV

Read about midterm evaluation at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The purpose of this evaluation is to see if you (the candidate) are on track in terms of time and research development.


The Midterm presentation must be conducted in English and be followed by a discussion on current progress between the PhD candidate, the internal evaluator, and the supervisor (second evaluator).

  • Your presentation should take 20 minutes, with focus on the project progress and the results up to date.
  • Your presentation will be followed by a discussion of approximately 40 minutes; 30 minutes for the internal evaluator and 10 minutes for the supervisor (second evaluator).


  • You must submit an abstract of 1000 - 1500 words to your evaluators – with CC to the Head of the PhD Programme: Ellen Karine Grov - ellgro@oslomet.no - and the PhD administration phd-hv@oslomet.no 1 week before your presentation, at the latest.
  • This abstract should consist of: Research questions, Methodology, Research results, and your research plan ahead.
  • In addition you must say how many PhD courses you have finished in your training component (opplæringsdel) and how many articles that you have submitted, have under review and/or have been accepted.