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Midway Evaluation

Midway Evaluation

If you are taking the PhD program in Engineering Science, you are to be evaluated halfway through the funding period. The midway evaluation is compulsory and should be taken around halfway of the founding time.

If you are taking the PhD programme in Engineering Science, you will be evaluated about halfway through the funding period. The midway evaluation is compulsory.

The purpose of this evaluation is to see whether you are on track in terms of time and research development and to provide useful feedback for further research. 

The supervisor must propose an internal opponent for the evaluation.

The midway presentation must be given in English and is followed by a discussion on current status and progress between the PhD candidate, internal opponent and supervisor.

The presentation should last about 40 minutes, with a focus on the project’s progress and the results to date, and the subsequent discussion will last about 20 minutes.


You  must submit an abstract of 1000 - 1500 words to the Head of the PhD Program: Siri Fagernes (email) – no later than 10 days before the presentation. 

This abstract should include research questions, methodology, research results and the research plan going forward. 

You must also state how many PhD courses you have completed for your training component and how many articles you have submitted, are under review and/or have been accepted.

How to apply

Supervisors send application to the Head of the PhD Program Siri Fagernes (email). The name and contact details of a proposed internal opponent should be included in the application. 

The internal opponent for the midway presentation cannot subsequently be a member of the evaluation committee for the final defence of the candidate’s dissertation.