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Legal assistance

Legal assistance

The legal unit in the R&D department assists the R&D administration at the faculty / centers if they need additional legal support.

All inquiries regarding legal issues are therefore first directed to your local R&D administration. Below you will find an overview of what kind of legal assistance The Legal Unit in the Department of Research and Development assists the R&D administration at the faculties and centers.

Overview of the legal unit's areas of work

The legal unit in the Department of Research and Development assists the faculties / centers in these cases:

  • When preparing contracts and collaboration agreements for research projects
  • When preparing declarations of confidentiality and confidentiality agreements
  • When preparing letters of intent
  • With questions related to intellectual property rights (including copyrights, patents, trademarks and designs)
  • With questions about privacy and processing of research data

Note that we do not answer questions about tax and VAT.

For personal questions and matters about additional work activities, contact the HR department. All study related questions are handled by the study department. For research ethical issues please contact secretary for the Research ethics committee, Tor Even Marthinsen. 

Contact the Legal Unit

Ask for legal assistance by sending an email to:

When the faculty or center contacts a legal entity, it is important to include the following in the inquiry: 

  1. Describe what the matter is about
  2. What you need help with
  3. Attach relevant documents such as project descriptions, budgets and any drafts for agreements and the like.

Processing time

The Legal Unit addresses the inquiries in their order of submission, but in some cases certain issues may be prioritised. We provide assistance to a land you must therefore expect some processing time.