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Tools and support

Tools and support

Contact points for help / Auditorium support

Class in basic use of standard audiovisual equipment

Learn how to use the audio and video equipment (AV equipment) in FUR-classrooms, auditoriums and meeting rooms. Take the class or make an appointment for a one-on-one session to be well prepared for future meetings or teaching sessions.

Advantages of taking this class:

  • You will learn how to operate standard audiovisual equipment found in our FUR-classrooms, auditoriums and meeting rooms.
  • Knowing your tools reduces stress and allows you to focus on presenting your message to the audience.

Why do we offer these classes?

We expect that lecturers and others using our facilities to possess basic knowledge of how to use the standard equipment found in our rooms. As an educational institution, we aim to keep administrative support staff low in numbers. The Auditorium Support service has limited resources and often a very high workload. Therefore maintaining the capacity to solve technical issues efficiently depend on avoiding support with basic use. Thus, we strongly encourage taking this class if there is any doubt about how to standard equipment works.

Some people get explicitly invited to a training. Who is that?

  • Users that frequently report errors that turn out to be user errors or nonexistent.
  • Users asking for help with standard equipment and standard procedures (for example starting the projector, using the microphone, connecting a laptop, etc).

What is the role of the Auditorium Support?

The Auditorium Support staff is highly skilled and experienced in solving AV related problems. In addition to various other tasks our support staff of three, split between Oslo and Kjeller, provide support and maintenance for all FUR-classrooms, auditoriums and meeting rooms.

This is only possible if we focus on solving actual technical issues and train the teaching staff before they start using the equipment.

According to this policy and based on our experience we allow ourselves to actively invite users to classes so that we can remain a high quality but low cost service at OsloMet.