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PES 2020: Financial support for EU project development and positioning for researchers at OsloMet 2020

Project establishment- and positioning funding received from the Research Council of Norway shall strengthen OsloMet's participation in the EUs framework programme for research and innovation, Horizon 2020 (H2020).


About POS and PES

Positioning funding (POS) aims to position researchers to apply for future project funding from the EU. When the researcher has identified a call/topic and found potential partners, the researcher can apply for funding for project establishment (PES). Contact the EU-team as early as possible, if you plan to apply for PES or POS funding. Researchers at NOVA takes directly contact with

There is a continuous evaluation of proposals.

Activities covered by PES-funding

Positioning support (POS):

  • Networking: Building relations with leading European environments
  • Skills development: Course, workshop
  • Participation at the EUs information days on upcoming calls in H2020/Horizon Europe, and related brokerage events and networking sessions
  • Other activities for short-term positioning to join existing consortiums

Project establishment support (PES):

  • Consortium meetings for project development towards calls / topics
  • Procurement of external consulting services. OsloMet has a framework agreement with Europa Media and Enspire Science Ltd. Procurements have to be approved by the R&D Department before signing the agreement. Contact Kjersti Sjaatil for more information.
  • In some cases buy-out from other duties. In cases of buy-out a written consent and explanation and reason from the faculty / center must be included

PES-funding amount related to project type

The funding amounts in PES2020 vary, and are related to the project type and the applicant's role of the planned H2020 project. All rates below indicate the maximum amount of grant you can receive. 

Coordinator – calls from H2020, Eurostars and JTI

  Type of project

  Maximum amount in NOK   

  Research & Innovation Action (RIA)

  400 000


  Innovation Action (IA)

  Coordination and Support Action (CSA)

  150 000

  Fast Track to Innovation (FTI)




  100 000


  Active and Assisted Living Programme (AAL)                    

  JTI (except: JTI ECSEL)


  COST (establish new networks)

Coordinator – Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) and European Research Council (ERC)

  Type of project

  Maximum amount in NOK  

  MSCA Innovative Training Network (ITN)

  100 000

  MSCA – Research and Innovation Staff Exchange        


  50 000

  MSCA – Co-funding of regional, national and
  international programs (COFUND)          

  MSCA individual Fellowships (IF)

  10 000

  ERC Starting Grant


  50 000
  (25 000 for round 2)  

  ERC Consolidator Grant

  ERC Advanced Grant

Participant or work package leader 

  Type of project 

  Maximum amount in NOK  


   50 000

  Work package leader  

   70 000


  Prizes (application writing)  

  50 000  

The PES application process 

The application should be no longer than three pages. In cases where several units from OsloMet participate in the same activities, we request that only one application to be sent on behalf of the participants. The application must include a confirmation on support from the institute/centre leader(s). Support of application does not commit the local institution financially during the application process.  Send the application to Karoline Aursland ( and Hege Nedberg ( Submit as early as possible. There is a continuous evaluation of proposals.

The application must be based on actual costs of planned activities and project development. It is not possible to apply for PES/POS funding after the activities have been completed. The grant sum will be assessed in each case. Unused funds must be returned to the Department for R&D. 

Department for R&D evaluates the application and uploads the grant letter to P360. The grant letter will be addressed to relevant local units and with Kari Torslett and Laila Kjærvik from Division for Corporate Governance on cc.

  • Recipient at faculty: Section for R&D and section for finance
  • Recipient at SVA: SVA (SVA institutes don’t have R&D sections) and the section for finance at the relevant research institute 


Within two months after the application deadline applicants for project establishment support (PES) must send the following 

  1. The EU application
  2. Confirmation on submitted application
  3. Accounting for the use of the funds

to Karoline Aursland ( and Hege Nedberg (, with cc to Laila Kjærvik ( and Kari Torslett (

The documents are  needed to report to the Research Council of Norway. It is expected that the local finance section can account for the use of PES and POS funds in the event of a revision.

Important: The information below is important: 
  • To evaluate your POS/PES-application 
  • In OsloMets reporting to the Research Council of Norway on the use of the PES grant

Support in the application process 

The central EU team and R&D advisers locally can assist in the application process. You are offered a range of application support services, including: mapping and counseling related to opportunities and career development, information gathering, coordination in collaborative projects, and quality assurance of applications. The latter point relates to everything from ensuring compliance with formal requirements, reading and providing input on applications, go through budget, Gantt and more. Contact Kjersti Sjaatil ( if you would like support in the EU-application process.

See here for information on OsloMet's support for H2020 application processes.

The Research Council's National Contact Points (NCP) is appointed for each topic in Horizon 2020. They can answer questions and help you with information related to EU research and Horizon 2020.

In some cases, the Research Council offers free consultancy assistance from PNO consultants. Contact the NCP for your research area for more information.