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Our OsloMet

Our OsloMet

Internal job opportunities

Internal recruitment

Permanent staff at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University may apply for available administrative tasks through the internal recruitment portal.

Read the full procedure for internal announcement of available administrative tasks (pdf). (in Norwegian only)

The purpose of internal recruitment

In the internal recruitment portal, available tasks at the OsloMet administration are continuously announced.

We encourage permanent employees who wish to explore new fields and different work tasks to orient themselves about what is needed at Oslomet. Perhaps you get the opportunity to use your expertise in other parts of the organisation? Do you want new challenges? Check out the available administrative tasks at OsloMet now.

The portal aims to better facilitate for internal mobility and is one of the means in connection with the managment of the future-project. If you apply for temporary tasks, you will retain your permanent position at OsloMet.

  • Internal recruitment is an instrument, rooted in the readjustment agreement, which aims to make the administration more effective.
  • Internal recruitment will increase opportunities for internal mobility and stimulate improved interaction and experience exchange across faculties and departments.

Procedure for internal announcement

  1. Assessment of internal applicants

  • Only permanent employees may apply.
  • The qualifications of internal applicants are assessed by the recruiting manager in cooperation with the responsible HR unit.
  • If there are no qualified internal applicants, one must consider whether simple skill-enhancing measures can make potential applicants eligible. In such cases, any skill-enhancing measures must be determined in a binding agreement.
  • Conversations will be held with potential candidates.
  1. Transfer

  • If an internal candidate is eligible, he/she will be offered a transfer to a new unit.
  • The HR unit in the recruiting unit will take care of the practical tasks of transferring.
  • The time of transfer is agreed upon between sending and receiving unit.
  • The salary is will in general remain unchanged. Any variations in salary and position code can take place only following 2.5.3-negotiations.