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What is the added value of Erasmus Mundus?

What is the added value of Erasmus Mundus?

Establishing a joint degree project such as Erasmus Mundus is an extensive process, and it is therefore important that the benefits and added value are clear both for students and for OsloMet.
  • Strengthen academic environments and provide attractive study programmes

    Erasmus Mundus Joint Degree projects can contribute to developing interdisciplinary education that addresses needs in the society and working life, thus developing and strengthening academic environments.

    Within a subject area with particularly strong research environments, such joint degree projects with selected partners can enable the academic environment to offer internationally competitive study programmes.

    Similarly, such joint degree projects may be necessary to ensure stable and attractive study programmes within other disciplines.

  • Increased multicultural competence

    For the candidates, an international study programme developed and offered by three or more European higher education institutions will provide new academic perspectives and multicultural skills they would not have achieved otherwise. These skills can make it easier for them to orientate themselves towards an international labour market than with a national degree.

  • Enhanced international cooperation

    For the institutions and academic communities, Erasmus Mundus Joint Degree projects involve strategic cooperation on education and research. In the long run, this could also increase cross-border transparency, decrease differences between education systems, thus facilitating broader and closer international cooperation.