Funksjonsbeskrivelse for studieprogramansvarlig - Ansatt

Descriptions of functions for study programme coordinators

Descriptions of functions for study programme coordinators

Description of functions for persons with study programme and course responsibilities at OsloMet is decided by the Education Committee. The faculties make local adjustments.

Study programme coordinator

The study programme coordinator has the academic responsibility for the study programme as a whole. A study program is defined as a uniform collection of courses with total learning outcomes, which students can apply for and be admitted to, i.e., bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD programmes as well as other programme with the scope of 60-120 credits. Study programme coordinator is a role which can be held by people of different job titles.

The study programme coordinator is responsible for planning, coordinating, implementing, and developing the programme, including quality assurance and quality development, and ensuring a good learning environment for the students.

The study programme coordinator performs their tasks in collaboration with the head of department, persons with course responsibility, as well as teachers, students, and technical-administrative staff. When the programme coordinator do not themselves carry out the task, they have the responsibility of making sure the tasks are completed and have an overview of the process as a whole. The head of department is responsible for the department's academic and administrative performance.

Responsibilities and tasks

Academic responsibility/quality development

  • Follow up and ensure coherence in the study programme, including the connection between learning outcomes and the forms of teaching and forms of assessment.
  • Be a driving force in developing and changing the academic content in the study programme.
  • Facilitate interdisciplinarity and interaction with labour markets and community.
  • Facilitate exchange opportunities in the study programme, both for employees and students.
  • Ensure that routines for suitability assessments are followed and that they are well known among staff and students (applies to programmes that involve suitability assessments).

Quality assurance

  • Ensure that laws, regulations, rules and other provisions are being followed, including OsloMet’s quality system for education.
  • Write a programme report, and design measures that will (further) develop the quality of the programme.
  • Carry out a continuous quality assessment and implement measures if necessary.
  • Carry out a periodic programme evaluation.
  • Follow up on relevant surveys.

Coordinating/administrative work

  • Follow up persons with course responsibility-
  • Keep in touch with student representatives.
  • Keep in touch with supervisory examiners.