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Competence development / Lederutvikling

Research and Education Management

The Research and Education Management Programme focuses on the management of the academic core activities.

The programme is aimed at heads of department and programme coordinators who have both R&D and education within their area of responsibility, and the content of the programme therefore sees R&D and education in context, as opposed to two separate programmes.

In 2017-18 the first year was completed with 16 participants from all of OsloMet’s faculties.

The programme consists of

  • A mandatory core programme with 2 x two-day sessions and 2 x day sessions
  • Recommended optional modules in the form of 3 x shorter seminars
  • A faculty workshop for each faculty where we work on topics that are tailor made for local conditions


Session 1, October 2017: Management in context: Research and education management in higher education

The sessions focuses on higher education as a context for management and addresses different perspectives on research management and education management such as; authority and leadership; management of academic specialists; personal responsibility and critical interaction zones.

Session 2, November 2017: Research + Education = True?

Session 2 deals with the interaction between education and research, including how collaboration across disciplines and organizational units can promote such interaction.

Session 3, January 2018: Innovation, development and transition management

This session looks at the issues of quality development and transition management in practice, as well as management of innovation in education and research.

Session 4, March 2018: Management of academic specialists and academic environments

The fourth session focuses on management of academic specialists and academic environments with emphasis on career development in the sector and at OsloMet and development talks as tools.

Optional modules

The optional modules consist of three recommended seminars with a duration of 3-4 hours. The modules are:

  • Innovation in research by Tor Paaske Utheim
  • Academic specialists’ motivation and management needs by Helle Hein
  • How to control the use of your own time? V / Are Halls Syversen

Faculty workshops

The purpose of the faculty workshops is to

  • guarantee the connection between programme attendance and the managers’ local everyday work life to increase the return of participation
  • tailor the agenda to local conditions, discuss local issues related to management and R&D (and education)
  • contribute in clarifying the role of the line manager and head of research group.


The programme benefits from both internal and external academic contributors. 

  • The main internal contributor is HiOA's School of Management with associate professor Agnete Vabø as the main resource. Vabø's research area is higher education with projects on internationalisation, quality, organisation of research groups, etc.
  • The main external contributor is Mobilize Nordic, with Norwegian partner Are Hallan Syversen as the main resource. Mobilize is a Danish-Norwegian company that runs the research management programme for UiO. Syversen has experience from UiB, HiL, HiG, NFR and others. He has worked with strategic research management, coordination of research and education activities, management team development, the role of programme coordinators etc.


The Management Development Programme


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