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Academic writing in Norwegian - a workshop

Academic writing in Norwegian - a workshop

In this seminar we will be working with the participants’ own texts, focusing on the writing process.

Target group

  • Academic staff at Oslo Metropolitan university who are in the process of or about to writing an academic text, either a chronicle, a written contribution to an ongoing debate og an academic article.

  • Minimum 4 participants, and no more than 8 participants

Learning outcome

  • To develop an eye for one’s own text


The course consists of two sessions:

Session 1: A lecture on how to comment on texts in different genres (1 hour)

Session 2: A workshop were the participants comment on each other’s texts (2 hours).

Preparations for the seminar

When signing up for this seminar, each participant is expected to deliver a draft of a text which he/she wishes to be commented. The draft may be a disposition, an abstract, a draft of a chronicle or a part of an academic article. The texts will be divided between the participants, so that all will be able to both comment on and receive comments on a text.


Free for researchers and staff at Oslo Metropolitan University.

The course will be offered both spring and autumn, and will announced at the OsloMet Academy's website.

Course facilitators

Professor Kari Mari Jonsmoen and Marit Greek.