Estetikk og kunstformidling i Roma - Ansatt

Aesthetics and dissemination of art

Aesthetics and dissemination of art

In April 2018, I (Kamilla Freyr from the Department of Art, Design and Drama) visited the University of Rome Tor Vergata together with Åsa Arketeg from Södertörn University.

Photo: Kamilla Freyr

During our stay, we taught art history to the university’s master’s students, where the focus was on the relationship between art dissemination and aesthetic experience. We also presented the research paper Paratexts in situ. Three levels of dissemination at the university’s International Research Center for Aesthetics and Art Theory (IRCA). This led to very interesting discussions with both students and professors.

In the Nordic context, philosophical aesthetics is a relatively small discipline, which makes it very important, for students and researchers alike, to establish strong collaboration networks in the field, and the Erasmus+ grant presents fantastic opportunities for just that, for both students and staff.

During the stay, we were also able to write and carry out research at the Norwegian Institute in Rome. The institute is situated on Gianocolo hill overlooking the Trastevere district, so the view is nothing short of spectacular. You really get a sense of the impact of aesthetics on employee satisfaction!

Photo: Kamilla Freyr

Whether you are a student or an employee, you should take advantage of the chance to go out in the world on an Erasmus+ grant! We made interesting professional contacts, met exciting challenges and gained new perspectives – which we can incorporate into our research and teaching.

Regards from

Kamilla Freyr, Department of Art, Design and Drama  (TKD) and

Åsa Arketeg, Södertörn University


Università degli Studi di Roma
Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata, also known as Rome’s second university, is one of OsloMet’s partner universities. Tor Vergata combines traditional arts subjects with vocational programmes in fields such as economics, engineering, natural science and medicine. 

International Research Center for Aesthetics and Art Theory (IRCA), Tor Vergata
Professor of Aesthetics Giuseppe Patella is Director of IRCA.

Södertörn University
OsloMet, Department of Art, Design and Drama has had an Erasmus+ employee agreement with the aesthetics course at Södertörn University in Stockholm since 2017. 

Research cooperation – arketeg.freyr

Aesthetes Åsa Arketeg and Kamilla Freyr have cooperated on a research and teaching project since 2012, in which they, from a philosophical aesthetic perspective and through both theoretical and empirical studies, examine aspects of the dissemination of contemporary art. They have presented their research at a number of conferences and seminars, and published articles.