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Erasmus + case flow students

Before the exchange

  • The administrative international coordinator at the faculty takes the initiative to fill in the Erasmus + Learning Agreement, LA, (academic pre-approval). LA must be signed by an academic coordinator at the faculty, by the student and by an academic contact person at the foreign partner institution. Remember to fill in the correct start and end dates, and the correct language of instruction / practice. When this is done, the LA must be sent to IN via P360.
  • IN sends the grant agreement (GA)  to the student for signing, and provides access to the language test in Online Linguistic Support (OLS). 
  • Possibility for OLS language test and a language course before LA is in place, if the administrative international coordinator fills out the form for OLS registration (see link under Documents for Erasmus +).  
  • The student completes the language test and sends a signed and filled in grant agreement back to IN.
  • IN sends the grant allocation letter of 70% of the grant to the student by P360.
  • The disbursement of the Erasmus grant runs along with salary payout towards the end of each month. The exact time of the disbursement is specified in the student’s letter.

After the exchange

  • The student sends the exchange approval form to the international coordinator at the faculty who checks the information in relation to the original LA, and sends it on to IN via P360.
  • The student receives an automatically generated email with a link to a report that must be filled in in Mobility Tool.
  • The student completes a last obligatory language test in OLS.
  • IN  sends the allocation letter with the remaining  amount of the grant (30%) via P360 when documentation, report and language test is ok. 

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